Awkward & Awesome

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  • My parents have been back home for 4 weeks. Here I was just a few weeks ago anticipating their arrival and now they’ve been gone again for a whole month. What?
  • Bad hair days. It’s time for a hair cut (see AWESOME).
  • People who never use their turn signals. Seriously. Why is this so hard for you to let me know where you’re going?
  • Not being able to see my my Dad for his 62nd birthday tomorrow. Have I mentioned lately how much distance sucks?



  • Unexpected “Just because”-snail mail from dear friends. BEST thing ever!
  • I have an appointment at the hair salon tomorrow. Weeee! I am not exactly sure what I am going to get done, but I am somehow itching for a little change. (Don’t be surprised though if I get home with just a trim. Wouldn’t surprise me. I do that kind of stuff – think big and then not follow through. Ha!)
  • Playing Scrabble with my MIL (and winning!).
  • A dear friend in Germany is expecting her first child any day now. I am so freakin’ excited and over-the-moon happy for her! ♥
  • The evening breeze. There is nothing better than to come home, open the windows and let the evening breeze in.
  1. People who don’t use their signals are the WORST! I mean really, you barely even have to move your hand to do so. Grr.

  2. Gah, it has become quite ‘popular’ to not use the turn signals in Germany, too. What the what? Why did someone invent them in the first place?! Grrr!

    Ah, haircut. Can’t wait to see it… I can imagine so many hairstyles on you!! And really, I can’t believe that already 4 weeks have passed since your parents went back home… That scares me.

    Lots of love. xo.

  3. I hate how it takes what seems like a lifetime for a major event to actually get here … and then once it passes, it takes no time at all for it to become the distant past. So sad!

  4. I’m sorry you’ll miss your dad’s Birthday. Have your parents ever thought about moving out here or you moving back there at some point in life?

  5. people that don’t use a turn signal seriously drive me batty. same with people that drive way below the speed limit, it’s just so annoying.

    as for happy things, i get to see my pregnant cousin this weekend and cannot wait. also, working out again has me feeling good.

  6. you’re welcome. and i ♥ you, too.

  7. Distance totally sucks! And, I hope hair turns out really pretty :)

  8. I’ll probably be able to wear shorts and sandals/flip flops for another month or two. Oh the joys of Texas! :)

  9. Congrats to your friend in Germany! That’s very excited. Hopefully there will be lots of baby photos for you to look at :)

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