Friday Facts


To be quite honest, I am still dealing with the (mostly) emotional jetlag that comes with my visits with family. It’s never easy to go from  60mph to literally ZERO in a matter of hours. I always find the transition from being there and “all of a sudden” being here again difficult (yaddah, yaddah, I know there is a 11-hour transatlantic flight in between). And then, BAM, 10 days have gone by and it’s like I didn’t notice.
Needless to say, I am still re-adjusting to daily life,  processing, sorting through photos, trying to wrap my head around what just happened and putting that in coherent blog posts. Patience, my friends.

* * *

Related: I have yet to get back into my work-out routine. Travel always throws me off and then I was sick for a few days upon my return and yeah, let’s just say my head is ready to get out there running again, my body hasn’t been. But today it’s happening! Mark my words.

* * *

My co-workers took me out to a fun belated birthday lunch this week. They were going to take me out during my birthday week at the beginning of March already, but German that I am, I told them that there is no way that they can take me out before my actual birthday (and I was already on annual leave that day) because that’s bad luck.  So they had to wait… but it was a nice “welcome back”- gesture!

* * *


I baked those overnight spelt-rye rolls last weekend, because I was missing German breakfasts already. They turned out great and were so tasty.

* * *

This weekend, I am planning to go out and buy a few plants for my vegetable garden. I know, I am almost a little late in the game, but since I do finally have a backyard now, I want to take advantage about it and try my hand at a vegetable garden again. I am planning on getting some tomato, zucchini, cucumber and strawberry plants and maybe a few herbs. What have you been planting this season?

Happy weekend!

  1. I bet its tough to be back home and not being able to swing by at your family’s house.
    Those rolls look delicious and I wouldn’t mind a recipe…
    I also need to plant something on my balcony. I am usually just have 3-4 herbs and some flowers. I have no clue what but I think mint is going to be one.
    Happy weekend, Tobia

  2. My tiny little vegetable garden has given me ALL SORTS of anxiety the last few weeks. Who knew waiting for seeds to come up would be so emotionally fretful? The packets said anywhere from 6-14 days, depending on the seed. I’m at a solid 3 weeks and finally feel like I’m not a vegetable garden failure, and even then, it’s only been the last 4 or 5 days that anything has really started to come up.


  3. It takes me about a MONTH to settle back in after I travel to visit my family, so yeah, definitely take your time and take it easy.

    That bread looks SO SO SO GOOD. Can you move here and bake for me please? I’ll make fresh coffee for you! ;)

  4. I can see how it takes quite a while to adjust back to life in CA after visiting family. Oh and I am the same way about gifts when it comes to birthdays as I typically won’t open ones I receive in the mail until the actual day. I don’t see it as bad luck, it just seems like ‘cheating.’ I did have to open some early this year because I was in Mexico on my actual birthday and one gift was things for the trip and the other was from my parents and my mom asked me to open it when it arrived so she could know if I liked it (I did)!

    I am actually planning to plant a garden this year, too, but planting season isn’t until May in these part, or late-April at the earliest. It has been snowing on and off here today (ridiculous!) and the weather is so unpredictable so I’ll wait until it’s consistently nice. I’ve never had a garden so I am excited to take over a little corner of the yard at Phil’s. I’m not sure what I will plant yet but I am thinking tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and some herbs!

  5. I have bread envy :) Your bread products always look so good!

    My strawberry plants have done really well but lack of a proper watering schedule saw everything else wilt and die :( I will do potatoes again but I bought a container for them since I’m still finding the odd potato in my garden after 2 years!

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