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Today is my nephew’s 4th birthday and as always I am really bummed that I can’t squeeze his cute little face today.  How is he four already?? We got to talk on the phone this morning though and he told me about the shirt that I sent him in the mail (which he is already wearing in the picture!) and the inline skates that he got for his birthday. My Mom also made one of her awesome birthday cakes for him (pirate-themed – as requested. Ha!).


* * *

I had a appointment with a dermatologist this morning to finally get a skin cancer screening. I have a lot of moles and hadn’t gotten them checked out in a while. Luckily, it was all good news. None of my moles looks malignant. I am so relieved. I’ve been really good with using sunscreen (since I am very fair skinned and burn easily anyway) and I have always kept an eye on my moles myself, but it’s good to get a professional checkup on a regular basis.

* * *

Tomorrow I have a little girl date planned with my neighbor-friend. We’ll go thrifting and then to brunch. I am really looking forward to it.

* * *

Knitters, I need some advice! What are your favorite needles? I am planning to invest into a interchangeable needle set and I don’t know which one to go with. Cubics? Bamboo needles? Karbonz? Which ones are your favorites and why? Can you recommend any?

* * *

I am happy to report that my Dad (who was in the hospital for 1,5 weeks with a prostate infection) is back home and recovering well. He’ll have to have some minor surgery because his prostate is enlarged (not uncommon for man 50+), but it’s benign and something that can be taken care of. Phew. Thank you for sending positive vibes and keeping him in your thoughts.

* * *

Happy Pi Day (3/14)! I celebrated with ice-cream. Because that is just how I roll.

  1. Ha, I think this is the first time anybody asked for my knitting advice ;) I got Addi Click interchangeable needles for Christmas a few years ago, and I LOVE them. I think it all depends on which needles you prefer. I generally prefer sleek and sharp metal over bamboo needles, and I got to admire a friend’s Addis in person before requesting them as a present. Bonus: Addis are from Germany :) BTW, a few years ago, it was absolutely worth it to order them in Germany and have them shipped by a friend, versus ordering/buying them in the U.S. Maybe you can check out some sets at a local yarn store before committing? It’s an investment, but one that will be so worth it. Good luck!

  2. I am glad that your dad is back home recovering. Having a parent go through a health scare is awful, but especially awful when you are far away. I am glad it’s something they can treat and that he will be ok!

    My favorite knitting needles are the bamboo ones. I just like the feel and the way the yarn slides on them. I have tried metal ones but the clinking noise bothers me whereas the clicking noise of bamboo on bamboo is soothing for me. Interchangeable needles are a great idea – I should have invested in those years ago!

  3. Diese “skin cancer screenings” kenne ich auch zu gut. Habe schon x Muttermale weggeschnitten bekommen. Ein Glück bislang aber ohne schlechte Nachrichten. Es wäre aber durchaus auch für mich an der Zeit mich durchchecken zu lassen ;-)
    Freue mich unbekannterweise, dass es Deinem Vater besser geht. Eine solche Krankenhaus-Situation hatte ich letztes Jahr auch mit meinem Vater und die Ängst waren unbeschreiblich. Aber ein Glück ist auch alles gut ausgegangen!
    Alles Liebe Nina

  4. Happy (belated!) Pi Day! We made pecan pie and chocolate chip cookie pie – but ice cream is fantastic too :) I’m sure if Topher knew that was an option, he would have picked that instead of pie :)

  5. Ich lese deinen Blog still mit, stricke auch sehr gerne und hab mir auch die addi Nadeln bei amazon bestellt. Find sie super. Bin auch in den USA und waren recht teuer, glaub in D sind sie wesentlich billiger. Hab ich erst hinterher bemerkt.

  6. Your mom seems to be quite the baker – that cake looks festive AND delicious! Also, totally with you on getting your skin looked at by a professional – I’d much rather catch something early than not at all.

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