March Favorites

image1. My friend Kate recommended It’s a 10 miracle leave in product  in one of her “Things I am obsessed with”-posts recently and it made me want to try it immediately. I am equally happy with this product and will buy it again.

2. I had the ThredUp app for the longest time on my phone, but rarely opened it (because I didn’t want to get sucked into wanting all the things (for a good price!)… but I had a refereal credit and finally caved and ordered a dress and some pants for $40 (retail would have been more like $300) and I am pretty happy with that.

3. I found these 686 Authentic Gossip Softshell Pants online and I am so glad I ordered them. I just love them. They’re awesome and unique and fit like a glove. I loved wearing them in the snow last week.  Also, I got them on sale AND earned Ebates cash back on top of that. BAM. 

4. Juniors’ Mudd® V-Neck Tee Ivory Feathers – Love this shirt!  I was shopping for some shirts for my niece and nephew when I came across this shirt and it magically landed in my cart. Don’t know how that happened. And yup, I still shop in the junior’s department. Don’t you? 40 be damned.

5. Pilot Acroball This pen! It’s almost taking over the top position from my all-time favorite Pentel R.S.V.P. pen.

6. Hot chocolate (from my favorite place in Val Gardena). This looks pretty close to the real thing. I’ve had his every single day that I was in Italy (Well, I wish. I had it twice though and it was glorious). The bestest hot chocolate I’ve ever had. I am not exaggerating.

  1. I do LOVE me a good v-neck t-shirt!!! Those feathers are just perfection.


  2. Ha! I love that you still buy juniors’ clothes. I check out the section sometimes, & if I can find something that fits, I’m all about it. It’s a great way to buy cute stuff that won’t last forever but is perfect for right now. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the hair product I love so much! It’s still tops on my list.

  3. I totally still shop in the juniors section – no shame in that!!

  4. I love that shirt! It’s so cute. And mmmmmhot chocolate.

  5. I’ll shop at Forever 21 and the Juniors section! The clothes fit, so why not? :)

  6. The shirt you bought is so cute! And that hot chocolate looks divine. I had the best hot chocolate when I was in Paris – it’s the kind where they give you a small mug of melted chocolate ganache and some homemade whipped cream and you mix the 2 together. Mmmmmmm. It’s probably good that I can’t find that locally as I’d indulge in it far too often!!

    I just sent a bag of clothes to ThredUp and found out how much they will give me for them – which reminds me that I need to log on and figure out how to redeem the money!

  7. Thanks for the pen recommendation – I’m always on the hunt for new pens. And I still shop in the juniors section too. Why the heck not?!? :)

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