Current Favorites Vol. 5

It’s been a while since I shared some of my favorite things and that needs to be remedied promptly. I always appreciate it when you guys share new and exciting things with me, and I’d like to return the favor.

1. I finally got around to hanging up a hummingbird feeder* in our yard last weekend and it’s the best thing! I had seen hummingbirds in our backyard before but we don’t have a ton of plants that attract hummingbirds, so they were just passing through. But now? Now they come by on purpose. A day after I hung it up, I started seeing hummingbirds come and go all day. They’re the cutest, most dainty little creatures and are a joy to watch (and they really DO make humming sounds). Why didn’t I get a feeder sooner? (This is a rhetorical question, you don’t need to answer this.)

2. I’ve mentioned this in one of my previous posts as something I’d recommend. If I had to recommend a single ( and totally random) product right now, I’d be choosing one that I am currently obsessed with: this apple slicer*. I love that this apple slicer cores and cuts the apple in not just 8, but 16 thin and even wedges in one swoop. It’s so easy to use.

3. I bought these running tights* with Kohls Cash + a Kohls reward, which made them essentially free, and they’ve been my absolute favorite. They have pockets to hold my phone when I am running outside and they’re just super-flattering. 

4. This is not new and not a secret, I live in my Birkenstock Gizeh* as soon as the weather is dry and warm. I think I am on my third (?) pair. I will buy these over and over again. They’re so comfortable. 

5. I am a low-key person when it comes to makeup (how people work out with a full face of make-up is beyond me), but I do appreciate a bit of tinted moisturizer to “even out” skin tone, even better when it doubles as sun protection + makeup primer, as this e.l.f. Suntouchable! Whoa Glow SPF 30 tinted sunscreen*.

6. As you might recall, I recently picked up a jar of Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter* to find out what all the hype was about. It apparently sells out quickly and people buy this stuff in bulk. It’s been compared to the much pricier Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream*, which I cannot speak to as I have ever bought that, but let’s just say, I understand now why people like the Trader Joe’s dupe. It *is* a really nice body butter with a lovely smell and feel. I don’t think I’ll be cleaning out the shelf when it’s back in stock, but for $5.99, I might buy it again next time.

7. I usually don’t buy chips and other snacks very often, but I had to try these new Patio Potato Chips* from Trader Joe’s – four different flavors in one bag: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Delicious Dill, Homestyle Ketchup, and Smokin’ Sweet BBQ. Let’s just say: they’re really, really good.

What are you loving these days? Share some favorites with me!

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites, and I paid for the items with my own money.

  1. I keep hearing about that body butter from Trader Joe’s. They actually had it in stock the last time I was in and I decided against it and now I’m regretting it. I hope it’s there the next time I go!

    Oh, Birkenstocks. How I love thee! I haven’t tried those particular ones (i’m partial to the ones with 3 clasps that go across) but they are so summer and I was just thinking how all I wear is my black and white Birks, Ha!

    I need a hummingbird feeder! They are such beautiful creatures and it must be so cool to watch them up close :)

    1. You should give this body butter a try. :)

  2. Oooh yum I love chips! I will have to check those out next time I’m at Trader Joe’s!

    1. Highly recommend ;)

  3. I love Birks!

    And I should get a hummingbird feeder! What a fun/beautiful addition to our front tree that would be. It hadn’t even crossed my mind.

    1. You should get a feeder – so little effort, so much joy :)

  4. We have never been able to keep up with the maintenance on a hummingbird feeder, which is why we don’t have them! The previous owner of our house was one of the top hummingbird taggers in our state and she left a lot of literature and a hummingbird feeder for us when she left. We…never used it. I can’t be bothered with the complicate calculations of how much sugar to water and changing it every day! How much maintenance would you say your feeder is?

    1. The recipe is: 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup of water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. I don’t boil the water. I don’t change mine every day. Every third or fourth refill I use a little bleach water to clean it and set it up again. It really is super easy and well worth a few minutes time.

    2. It’s really not that complicated… 4:1 ratio water and sugar (dissolve well) and then you just hang it up. They finished the solution in about a week – so I just washed it out and filled it up again today. It depends on how many hummers come visit…

  5. Four different flavours of chips in one bag! SOLD. Oh wait, we don’t have that here, but what a genius idea. That sounds delicious.
    I might get a hummingbird feeder for my new house. I think that hummingbirds are in my new city!

  6. I love a good favorites post.
    Could definitely use a new apple slicer. And those leggings look good!

  7. I love my Birkenstock. how long do you replace them? I see my heels are a bit worn off, wonder if I should replace them.

  8. My parents have a hummingbird feeder, too. I love watching hummingbirds! They also have a feeder for Orioles – they like grape jelly. The excitement in our house is that the robins eggs in the nest in one of my hanging pots hatched late last week. It’s really cool to see the next and how intricately constructed it is. And it’s fun to watch the baby birds develop. The boys love taking a peek at them and have listened to us when we say they have to be very quiet and cannot touch them.

  9. Ooh, an apple slicer that gives you 16 slices? I have the standard 8-slice apple slicer, and the slices are usually pretty big. May have to go on the hunt for one of those!

    I bought a fake pair of Birks from Target many years ago and they are now my most favorite shoe to wear! So comfortable!

    1. I love thinner apple slices so that slicer is PERFECT!

  10. I keep thinking I should get some Birkenstocks!! I had some WAY back in the day, but none recently. I love wearing sandals in the summer 24/7, but tend to gravitate towards flip flop styles. However, I’ve been having back issues, and although I know the shoes alone won’t fix this, I do wonder if maybe a supportive sandal would help. Intrigued by the tinted moisturizer too! Looks good!

  11. Oh, Birkenstocks. How I love them and miss them. They were my go-to summer shoe for so many years! And now I can’t wear them. :( I’ve considered the clogs but… I just can’t get behind those, unfortunately, and their shoes aren’t nearly as awesome as their sandals. Enjoy them! And, is that expensive cream seriously called Bum Bum Cream? Like, they market it that way? (I am clearly not their target demographic, LOL…)

  12. I never owned Birkenstocks but keep hearing that they are so amazing. So I just spend the better part of my time browsing their site… I think I see if. there is a sale and maybe I continue my extensive shopping spree that is currently happening.

    1. I love Birkenstocks – have been wearing them since I was a teen. I never regretted the purchase.

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