8 fun Instagram accounts I follow

I don’t know about you, but I very rarely follow accounts on Instagram just to see “pretty pictures”. Instagram is a platform for me where I connect, so I usually follow people that I “know” (personally or through the Internet ;)) and where I have an invested interest in that person and or their art/business.

However, there are a couple of Instagram accounts that I randomly came across and which I solely follow because of their beautifully curated photo streams. Today I want to share a few of those with you. I have no personal connection to these Instagrammers (ok, except for the first one!), and yet, I love to see their photos pop up in my stream every day.

@wehandstand This is my (not-so)“little” cousin’s project. I participated too. Just not as graciously as the other people who submitted their awesome handstand photos. At least, I had location going for me (Horseshoe Bend, AZ – lower right).


@dailyoverview The geography nerd in me likes the bird’s-eye views from above. I mean, isn’t this cool?!


@Wrightkitchen Beautiful color schemes with food. So pretty to look at.


@Cocolavine Because I secretly always wanted to be a ballerina, but I am not sure I would have had the discipline and I am glad I didn’t ruin my feet with these pointe shoes.


@weareknitters If you’re a knitter, you want to check this one out. They have a website with knitting kits as well. Really awesome.


@coffeenclothes Can you tell I have a thing for flat lay photography? Is this coincidence or ‘a thing’ right now?  


@stumptowncoffee Duh! Coffee. What else?


@valgardenadolomites You know that one already. Beautiful photography from the Southern Alps that make me nostalgic for my childhood. 

Recommend one of your favorite Instagram feeds in the comments!

9 thoughts on “8 fun Instagram accounts I follow

  1. I follow Stumptown too! But you likely already knew that. :) I also follow a bunch of photographers whose style of photography I admire and like a lot. Do you follow Nat Geo? I think you’d like them too.

  2. I started following the dailyoverview because I secretly always wanted to be a national geography photographer. I recently discovered “this.patterned.life” and its soon inspiring. You need to check it out.
    Happy Easter Weekend, Tobia

  3. I too end up following a lot of people I know, mixed in with a handful of celebrities, some fun fashion accounts, and admittedly, cute babies and pets. These are some good suggestions and also, they are making me want a yummy latte!

  4. Some of these are really gorgeous, I really like the dailyoverview. Will look into following some of them.
    As a recommendation I would say check out blackfuel (blackfuel.com). The Black Fuel Trading Co. is a project started by Shannon Leto, Jareds Brother and Drummer of 30 Seconds to Mars. They are selling Specialty Coffee. Their Instagram contains a lot of Vintage Pics and Coffee.

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