Monday again…

this is a beautiful day. I actually might go for a swim tonight if the weather report is right and we’ll get over 90°F (=32°C). I don’t say that to make you guys jealous (although I hope you’re week started off with a little bit nicer weather as well), but just to make myself feel better about it being Monday again ;) Jon got home very early this morning. He called me at 6:55 a.m. that he’s on the way back to Sacramento and that he hadn’t slept at all! He went pretty much straight to bed, so I’ll hear all about Matt’s concert and his night tonight, I guess.

Then, some good news – I checked the online status of our notebook order this morning and it’s already in “boxing status” which means – if I assume correctly- that they might ship it before the estimated shipping date of May, 31st :) I am actually hoping that they might send it out by tomorrow and it will get here by the weekend, but who knows if this is just wishful thinking. I am just really excited that the built-time ended up being a lot quicker than I thought ;) because on the website they said it’ll be 5 days, but it was only 2 :)

@ Cathy: I hope your foot is feeling better. You must have been in a lot of pain!

@ Ilka: I hope you feel better, honey. I know you had a rough weekend. I am here for you anytime!

@ Sanni: I hope you enjoy your evening with your new book ;)

  1. hey, i’m crossing my fingers for your “baby” to come asap :wink: and thanks so much again for last night.. :love:

  2. @ kim: you’re very welcome, sweetie. any news?? {v} ya.

  3. ?alright i am jealous anyway… i want some??:sunny: now!!!??:lol: hope your notebook arrives you during the next days… I am like you, can’t wait to get the stuff I ordered … I am for sure one of the most unpatient people out there??:wha: have a great day!??:spinning:

  4. LMAO at the above comment about your notebook being your baby…. def a true comment :-) and I hope its “delivered” soon lmao at least the labour won’t be painful??:lol:
    these new emotions aer great – very impressed??:coolman:
    hey guess what??
    107 sleeps??:spinning:
    Hi to Jon??:wave:
    ?:love: ya

  5. Oh well, I can´t wait to hear about Jon´s day out??:lol: Pleeeaaase release me, hun??:love:

  6. hey schatz, i just updated. :heartbeat: you and thanks again for the immediate chat!!

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