Val Gardena


Gorgeous mountain tops. Beautiful skies and lots of snow.

Val Gardena is where my parents took us skiing every single year since my sister and I were 3 years old and I have soft spot for this place in my heart.

I realize that it seems like I have some self-tormenting tendencies by subscribing to the Val Gardena Instagram account, but it also makes my heart skip a beat every time a familiar mountain top or ski slope shows up in my feed. And I’ve been waiting to post this blog post for about 8 weeks now, because when you read this, I will be THERE!

The Dolomites are part of the southern Alps in South Tyrol/Northern Italy. The coolest thing about the area is the enormous skiing area (including the Saslong, a World cup downhill race course and annual venue for the Men’s Super G (super giant slalom), which I’ve been on many, many times). Then there is the Sella group, a plateau-shaped massif, that you can ski around in the winter. The ski circuit around the Sella group is called the Sella Ronda. It’s an all-day trip and amounts to a sort of merry-go-round for skiers, the only one of its kind, a series of ski-lifts and downhill runs, all linked to one another around the whole plateau (possible both clockwise and counterclockwise). It’s awesome and I can’t wait to do that again.  

I am beyond thrilled that I was able to go home and celebrate my birthday with my sister (and the rest of my family) and almost even more thrilled to be spending 9 days with my whole family at this place that is near and dear to all our hearts.

For obvious reasons, I haven’t been back to our old stomping grounds in quite a few years and that’s why I am even more excited to spend a family vacation in a place where my sister and I shared so many precious childhood memories (and where we can make new ones with the munchkins). Plus, I am finally getting to ski again. It’s been a while and I can’t wait to get out there.

So, I am a little busy right now enjoying every second of this. In the meantime, please enjoy my (most likely) frequent Instagram updates.

Even though I hadn’t been to the Dolomites in years and don’t know when I will be able to come back, a little piece of my heart will always belong to Val Gardena.

  1. So so pretty! Although, I have to admit I am not one personally for any skiing or snow sports, but that looks just lovely. And your photos on Instagram are beautiful! Love that you are getting to do this!!

  2. Wow! So beautiful! I saw your pic on Instagram! I love how happy you look in it! So happy for you that your birthday trip is filled with so much fun! You totally deserve it! Hugs xxx

  3. Reading this and trying not to be too jealous….. just kidding. Enjoy, it sounds and looks fantastic!

  4. Wow that is gorgeous! I hope you are having the best time!!!

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