A year in review: 2015

Another year comes to a close. It’s been a good year. It started out a little rough but then things got better and better. My word for the year was “now” and I am glad that I was able to put this word into action more times than not.



We rung in the new year at Lake Tahoe in the snow and it was supposed to be a wonderful start into a brand-new year. Unfortunately, a week later we found out (through Google, of all things!) that a dear friend of ours had passed away. Let me tell you, this is not the way you want to find out about someone’s death, and we continued to struggle with grief. I also talked about who I was in January.



In February, I baked delicious cheddar-chive-scones (try them!) and wrote about other people’s expectations and assumptions but how the only person who has to be happy with your life is you. I also wrote about the fact that my best friend from home was faced with a second bout of cancer.



In March, I baked crusty yogurt rolls. I talked about the frustrations with our (old) apartment. I celebrated my birthday and shared what my 39th year was like. I also shared some letters to the universe and movie recommendations.



I baked Easter bread (recipe here). We bought our Jetta. I shared some dos and don’ts. I talked about my frustrations with my then-job-situation and spent a day at a beautiful spa in Sonoma Valley with my friend Susi. I also started a new blog series called “daily life” and started off with our laundry routine.



In May, I shared my cardigan knitting project (still not yet finished, ahem). I continued to lament the fact that I wanted to move so badly, but didn’t see it happening any time soon. I blogged about my favorite things: A – Z and my love for ePantry. We also celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.



In June, I posted another post in the “daily life” series about the way we meal plan. I shared a recipe for tiny turkey meatballs with balsamic salad (a summer favorite!). I also blogged about my summer goals and our favorite Sacramento eateries. At the end of the month, I welcomed my family back to California for an epic family vacation.



In July, I was pretty much absent because of my summer vacation with my family and had a bunch of my blog friends fill in with guest posts. I also shared a review for a new budgeting software, YNAB (You Need A Budget), that I had started using. I blogged about a selection of my favorite (more) natural skin + hair care products. At the end of the month, I also complained about the suckiness  of goodbyes (it never gets easier).



I finally got around to sharing a recipe for some delicious cinnamon apple oat muffins. I shared some first impressions of our summer family vacation. I blogged about 9 of our favorite weekly (summer) meals.



I posted more summer vacation recaps. I shared my current workout routine as part of my “daily life” series. I talked about the kindness of ‘strangers’ on the Internet.



I spent a week doing field work in Palm Springs. I baked Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Oat Bread. I finally saw an old friend again after 10 years and we celebrated J’s birthday.



November is, as always, a busy month and I had a lot to say for NaBloPoMo. I cooked chicken with lemon-garlic-pepper-sauce. I talked about the way we do our grocery budgeting in California. I blogged about more German idioms. I reviewed the Planner Addict Box. I shared the (little) costs of homemade bread. I blogged about blogging. I reviewed the Fitbit One. I talked about  my favorite Trader Joe’s items. I ran my first 10k in Berkeley. I blogged my Inkwell Press planner. I wrote about who I am.



In December, we hosted a dear friend for Thanksgiving weekend and took her up to the winterwonderland that is Tahoe. She and I also spent a day in Napa and a weekend in San Francisco biking the Golden Gate Bridge. I talked about all the things I want to do during the holiday season and posted my Christmas wishlist. Last but not least, I was able to share the big news that we’re moving into a house by the end of this year! We spent one last quiet Christmas in our one-bedroom apartment and then packed up our belongings and moved our stuff yesterday.

This, and so much more!, was 2015. In retrospect, it was a really good year and a lot of awesome things happened (also some not so pleasant things, but I don’t want to focus on them). I hope 2015 was good to you too and I am curious to see what the new year will bring.

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you have a wonderful start into the new year 2016!

  1. Your year definitely ended really well and you got to spend quite a bit of time with your family, so it’s for sure a win. :) I hope 2016 brings you even more happy memories and of course always good health. Hugs friend.

  2. Wuensche Euch einen Guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2016 – may all your dreams and wishes come true :)

  3. I’m loving this recap, and I love that your year ended on such a positive note with the purchase of your new home. Here’s hoping for a happy, healthy 2016.

    Happy New Year!

  4. It sounds like you’ve had a pretty awesome year, and I’m super excited to hear more about your new house! Happy New Year!

  5. What an exciting year who had. It feels like I ready aboutsnippits just a few days ago but then it is all over already. Wishing you a wonderful and happy start to 2016 and may it be an awesome one.

  6. Happy New Year! I hope you’re having fun settling into your new house :)

  7. I am glad that your year ended on the happy note of you moving into your new home! I hope you guys are settling in and loving your new place! 2015 was a really great year for you! It was a great one for me as well with significantly more highs than lows, so I feel very very blessed!

  8. Happy new year San. What a lovely reflection and again some inspirations to take, really would like to have a regular work out routine. The running seemed a very positive thread through your year, I always think that taking charge and exercise have a wonderful connection to more confidence and positivity. And yay for your new home. Looking forward to read more of this years adventures.

  9. Happy new year, San! I’m glad to hear 2015 ended better than it started for you. I’m so excited for you guys and your new house. Hope the moving process is going well!

  10. happy new year friend! cheers to a wonderful 2016 & a new home! xoxo

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