A Christmas Wishlist


This time of year, holiday gift guides and wishlists pop up all over the Internet. I don’t know how you feel about them, but I really enjoy them. Christmas is by no means all about the gifts (although it might often seem that way), and I feel that the most important thing about the holidays is spending time with family and friends (if that’s possible), but I personally also love the gift-giving. Although for me, it is more about the gesture and thoughtfulness behind the gift than the actual monetary value.

My biggest wish – as always – would be to go home for the holidays, but since this won’t be happening (for the second year in a row – womp, womp!), I am going to fill my holiday season with all the holiday cheer I can get my hands on.
Sharing a little wishlist of pretty (and functional!) things that would be lovely to have is one way to do this. A little dreaming has never hurt anyone.

1.) My friend S had a PinqPonq Backpack when she visited and I thought it looked awesome. She told me it’s made in Köln from recycled resources. I love that. It’s also very functional and light-weight.

2.) I am not at all opposed to gift cards. I used to think that gift cards are thoughtless and boring, but to be honest, I changed my mind about it. Personal gifts are great and definitely preferred, but gift cards are a great alternative if you just don’t have a great gift idea for someone and if you pick out a gift card that you know someone will enjoy and appreciate. Plus, they’re easy to ship.

3.) I will just come out and admit: the more people I see wearing Doc Martens these days, the more I want a new pair. I used to wear them all the time when I was younger. Do you think I could still pull them off? 

4.) I’ve had my eye on a cast-iron skillet for a while and I think that sooner or later I should invest in one. 

5.) We’ve had our wonderful, magical Tempurpedic bed for a few years now, but have not invested in a bed frame. I think I’d like to change that sometime. I haven’t completely made up my mind of what I would want, but I do like this metal one from Ikea.

6.) A Kitchenaid Mixer – yup. This one is still on my wishlist. One of these days!

7.) This leather ringer binder notebook is so pretty.

8.) These mini latte mugs. Oh my goodness, aren’t they beautiful? I want one in every color. Ok, ok, if I had to choose, teal and red are my favorites.

What’s on your wishlist?

  1. Oh these are wonderful! I used to wear doc martins as well all the time! I think you would definitely be able to pull them off!

    You for sure need a kitchenaid mixer. I really love mine. That one is a good investment. Also who doesn’t like gift cards? I absolutely love them! This way you can pick out whatever you want.

    I think right now my wish list consists of a 35 mm f/1.4 canon lens and a new camera bag (but haven’t figured out which one yet). Those two items are pretty pricey so I’m just going to keep dreaming about them. ;)

    1. As soon as I have more kitchen counter space, I’ll invest in a Kitchen Aid mixer. I need it in my life.

      Love the items on your list… just because they’re expensive, doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming about them.

  2. OMG – are Doc Martens back in style???? I used to love mine and I think we will never be too old to wear them!

  3. I love that bed frame!!!! And cast-iron skillets are great. Definitely worth the investment!

  4. I love both my cast iron skillet and my kitchen aid mixer so I definitely recommend both of those. I actually want another cast iron skillet because when I got mine, I asked for a small (10inch) one and now I wish I had gone for one of the bigger ones. I use it all the time, but tend to wish it was just a little bit bigger for food prep. I also wish I had gotten one with a lid. Hmm, looks like I have a new wishlist item.

  5. I liked seeing what is on others’ gift lists as well. You’ve already seen mine so know what I am wishing for.

    I used to be anti-gift cards but now that I am dating a minimalist, I have had to embrace them because most of the time, there is nothing that Phil wants! And he is not a big fan of getting people THINGS either so I have come to expect gift cards from him. But he usually get them for restaurants we can go to together and for things like massages that I have a harder time spending money on myself. So it all works out. :)

    1. Oh, tell me about it… J’s a minimalist too. He never wishes for anything. It’s so hard! LOL

  6. I’ve also been eyeing that bedframe from Ikea. Chris and I don’t NEED a new bed right now, but eventually upgrading to a king one day would be awesome!

    1. We don’t need a new bed either, but a new bedrame won’t hurt ;)

  7. I finally got a cast iron skillet this summer and I LOVE it. I got it at Ross and it’s the Lodge brand (the only brand you should get – the rest are made in China) and I got it for less than $20! We used it on a camping trip this summer and now use it in the kitchen all the time. It cooks everything beautifully and I love that it can be used on the stove top and in the oven.

    I don’t have much on my wish list this year – some new workout gear would be nice and Andy and I have been talking about getting a carpet shampoo/vacuum cleaner combo thing – so boring, haha! I guess that’s adulthood! ;-)

    1. Oh, so glad you’re so happy with that cast-iron skillet! I am definitely eyeing the LODGE one… :)

      Why is it that with age we wish for practical household stuff? :)

  8. so many cute things. i would looove to have a kitchen aid, but they are so darn expensive!

    1. I know! I am waiting for a good deal!

  9. Yes, Doc Martens! I say, go for them! I used to wear them for about 8 years, at times exclusively. Just recently, in my never-ending quest for comfortable shoes, I asked myself whether I could still wear them. I remember Doc Martens being awfully comfortable. I used to have a not-so-young-anymore teacher who wore black Doc Martens to school (in Germany), so I guess you don’t have to be 16 to pull them off? I think I would probably feel different though if Doc Martens are a thing again — I would not want to look like somebody who’s trying too hard to look like a teenager again ;)

    1. Yay, another Docs lover :) I think we can definitely still pull them off… I haven’t seen ONLY teenagers wearing them, so I think it would be totally ok!!

  10. I want a KitchenAid stand mixer, too! It’s been on my wishlist for years.

    1. For me too… one of these days! :)

  11. This could totally be my wish list! I feel the same way about Docs! I used to wear them all the time in black and red when I was a teenager and I am positive we could still pull them off. I tried a pair on and must admit, they hurt and are very uncomfortable, so I got UGGS instead. haha
    I really want a Kitchen Aid stand mixer as well! Great color!

    1. Chrissy, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am now. In my memory, Doc Martens are super comfortable, Birkenstock-like comfortable! I tend to forget that my feet have probably aged as much as the rest of me…. — Regardless, I think I must try some Docs soon to solve this riddle once and for all.

      1. I was going to say the same…. I remember them being REALLY comfortable. So we must try on some Docs to find out! :)

  12. Cast iron skillets are the way to go! I’ve got a couple of Lodge ones and they’re the best for cooking pretty much everything. Well, except eggs. But everything else, cook all the things!

  13. I really want a kitchen aid mixer too! Last year my big gift request was a mop, this year I want a kitchen appliance – you know you’re a grown up when …

  14. A KitchenAid mixer is definitely on my list. I just made a batch of cookies in my apartment with a hand mixer, for the first time ever, and I was not pleased. My parents had a stand mixer, so I’m spoiled and used to using it. Now I feel like I *need* one in order to make all my baked goods!

  15. Finally got around to catch up with your blog, I know I am late but had to answer.

    I have a Kitchen Aid, mine is dark red and I absolutely totally LOVE IT. Got it for Christmas from my parents a few years ago and it was my absolutely favourite gift of all times ever, even though it is a kitchen appliance :)

    And while sorting through my parents house when they moved out I found my old Martens, my mom bought them in London back in the days and gave them to me as a surprise. Mine are with flowers (well, used to be, now they are all scratched) but I have been wearing them every once in a while lately when I felt like it. Have to admit I own more comfortable shoes though, they are not very cushioned, but I love the feeling of “being 16 again”. I’d wear them more if they would fit my clothing style these days.

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