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+ I ordered something from Amazon (well, actually through the Amazon Market Place) and I – as usual – tracked my package (because I am always so excited for stuff in the mail) only to find out today that my package was delivered – yay! Only, it wasn’t delivered at my home, but at an address in Washington, DC.  Not sure what happened… if I was provided a false tracking number or if they actually messed up the recipient/delivery address, but I’m telling you, I kinda had it with the USPS screw ups lately.

+ Transitions into new jobs. Why can’t that ever go smoothly? I submitted all my paperwork on day one (over three weeks ago), but nothing has been processed correctly or in a timely manner.  I am kinda tired having to make sure that other people do their job.



+ Super-excited to be ordering another Inkwell Press planner for 2016 again in the fall. I switched from the ECLP last year and I haven’t looked back. I don’t know if you’re a planner person, but I’ve been using (paper) planners ever since I can remember. It’s calendar/planner/journal/to-do list all wrapped up in one and Inkwell Press is an awesome company all around.

+ I am really intrigued to buy wish for a Fitbit (or other fitness tracking device). Give me your opinions, guys! Do you own one? Do you like it? Which one would you recommend?

+ I’ve been working on some new cards for my Etsy shop, if you wanna take a peek.

+ I bought a Groupon a couple of months ago to try out Farm Fresh To You – Organic Produce Delivery and we received our first box this week. So far, I am really impressed with the freshness and taste of the produce. I’ll have to figure out if this is a good investment or if I should keep going to the Farmers Market instead. Have you tried produce box delivery before?

+ I am really excited about the 4-day weekend that is coming up. I’m looking forward to some down time (Excel has been killing my brain this week!) and seeing my friend Susi on Saturday! We haven’t seen each other since our awesome day at the Willow Stream Spa in Sonoma in April!

  1. DO NOT BUY A FITBIT!!! I have one and I will gladly send it to you for free! I just need to erase all the info on it and package and I can send it to you next week if that’s ok? Of course I’ll make sure to send it to CA and not DC…wtf Amazon/USPS???

    1. You’re seriously a gem.

  2. Which planner did you get from Inkwell Press? I currently use the Quo Vadis but am always looking for new ways to organize via paper.

    If you want to try another farm box, check out Full Circle Farms. LMK if you need a referral name ~ our account is under Ryan’s name. I like it because they deliver overnight, and I don’t have to lug the box home from work. :)

    I had a Jawbone Up and Up 24 ~ they’re alright. Used to have a Fitbit too. I’m just not that active, so it tells me how much sitting I’m doing. :p

  3. Is the inkwell planner similar to EC? Just curious as I love my EC planner, especially how it breaks the days into morning, afternoon and evening. I will have to look at the website for the planner you have ordered, though, since you like it so much!

    Sorry to hear the transition to your new (yet the same) job hasn’t been smooth. I hate how long it takes to process paperwork and such. It took 10 days for my background check to come back when I changed jobs which drove me crazy!!

    Awkward = being the new person at work and not having established credibility yet which means some people are less willing to help me with things…

    Awesome = the fact that I am one flight away from seeing amber and spending 5 full days together!!

  4. I had a Jawbone for over 2 years but they kept breaking and their customer service is the worst!
    Switched to a Fitbit HR and love it. I can really recommend that, as I told you before :)
    Dang, USPS – that’s so not fun anymore!
    I am in love with your “California Card” – I was actually looking into buying a California shaped paper punch (is that what you call it?) but couldn’t find it :(
    Why do you have a four day weekend? Well, I am not going to be jealous – my vacation starts on Tuesday – road trip here I come :)

  5. I think you would LOVE a Fitbit!! I have the Fitbit Flex & love it, but I’m thinking of upgrading sometime soon-ish to the Charge HR. I think you would like the Charge HR a bit more, it tracks your heart rate & stuff and I know you’ve been running a lot. I’ve had mine for over a year and a half and love it. I’ve actually talked at least a dozen people into getting one and they all love theirs hahaha. They have AMAZING customer service. I had my charger stop working and they sent me a BRAND NEW fitbit, the entire thing!

    1. Thanks for your input, Holly! I can definitely see how the challenges would be fun and moitvating!

  6. For running purposes, I would always pick a GPS watch over any other device. I’ve had Garmins for years and have never been disappointed.

    1. I’ve been using the Runtastic app to track my runs…. is the Garmin connected to an app as well?

  7. I think a Fitbit is good for basic fitness tracking or accountability (i.e. step counting/calories burned), but if you want something for your running, I’d recommend a Garmin watch because it tracks your distance, pace, time, etc. A heartrate monitor with a chest strap would be the best thing to get an accurate calories burned count.

    1. Wouldn’t the Fitbit also track distance, pace, etc through the Fitbit App? The only advantage I’d see with a Garmin is that you have the display on your wrist…. but I’ll think about this for sure!

  8. I’ve had my fitbit flex for over a year and it’s great. My friends have fitbits too and we often do the challenges and it’s fun :)

    1. I’ve been using the Fitbit App and have participated in a challenge…. it’s definitely fun and motivating, I agree!

  9. i’ve been contemplating switching back to a paper planner for ever – theres so much hype around them though, so i don’t want to make an investment (some can get pricey!)….glad to hear you like this one!

    1. Hi! Thansk for stopping by my blog! You’re right that there is a lot of hype around paper planners…. but if you know that you’re gonna use them (like me!), the price point it really ok (because it’s a year-long investment!)
      However, if you’re not sure if you’re going to get enough use out of it, I’d probably recommend trying it out with a cheaper version… Target has really cute planners that you might want to check out for a start :)

  10. Hey! I think it’s time to reply once in a while to a post from you. I actually thought i have to be registered by wordpress so i never even tried :<

    Regarding the fitness trackers : (i know it’s kind of late to respond) I absolutely LOVE my Garmin vivosmart wearable band. I was doing a lot of research before i bought it (it’s quite expensive i think) and the main reasons why i bought it are: water proof not just resistant so i can wear it all the time and never forget it, small and stylish and i thought at that time i would use it for smartphone notifications as well. I got pretty annoyed by that since it also vibrates and lets you know when your phone is not in reach – i don’t like that. I just don’t wear my phone on my in the house all the time. And one more great thing is that you can set an alarm it it wakes you up quietly by vibrating. Smooth for myself and the whole family :-)

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