Awkward & Awesome


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  • Bad communication. OMG. It’s like the most awkward (and annoying) thing in the world. I don’t know or understand how some people navigate their lives without clear communication, but alas, here we are.
  • All the series we were watching (on actual TV) ended (The Newsroom, Girls, The McCarthy’s…) and we have resorted to Netflix for now. Strangely, I kind of miss having a show to look forward to on a specific day of the week (says the girl that always claimed to be a big advocate for watching shows on her own time after they come out on Netflix!).
  • I’m frustrated with my knitting project (my cardigan) and need some pep talk to finish the sleeves. Help!



  • I finished my 6-week Runtastic training plan (‘Run 50 min after 6 weeks’) yesterday and am happy to report that this has really helped me get back into a running routine. I wasn’t  really concerned about pace or distance at this point, but was positively surprised when I finished my ‘race’ (= last day of the training) with a PR last night.
  • J asked me if I was going to take a break from running now… haha. Uhm, no, this was just the beginning! I want to try and keep this up!
  • I have the next three Mondays off (I need to take some vacation days, before I hit the limit of allowed vacation hours and won’t earn any more) and I am not mad about it. Extra-long weekends? Yes, please!
  • Baseball season is upon us! I’ll be going to a SF Giants game this summer (when my family is here) and I am so excited. Also: Go Red Sox!
  • A new coffee shop in our neighborhood. I see coffee dates + park walks with J in our future.

Tell me something awkward and awesome about your week!

  1. Sorry to hear about the knitting project — what specifically is frustrating you?

  2. I’m not sure if I can be of any help regarding the cardigan. Have you tried asking for help on ravelry? — Personally, I haven’t been knitting much lately, and have a ton of unfinished projects sitting around, gah!

  3. Awesome: Got my reduced working hours!! Jippi! From July on I will be only working 32 hours a week.

    Awkward: hm, I can’t think of anything.

    It was just a good week I guess. :-)

  4. Awkward – having to come up with an excuse to leave my desk when my coworker brings back stinky Chinese food for lunch.

    Awesome – the fact that the sun is finally shining after a long stretch of gloomy weather!!

  5. Is there by any chance a knitting shop that you can go to near by and ask about your cardigan? There’s one near where we live and they even have groups that meet and sit and knit together. They are very helpful in basically everything knitting.

    Having a couple of Mondays off sounds pretty awesome to me! (I can’t wait until May comes along to get Memorial Day off myself.)

  6. I feel the same way about clear communication! I just don’t get it how some people get along without it! It’s frustrating!
    Sorry about your knitting project – I know that feeling…what exactly is bothering you about the sleeve? Maybe put it aside for a few days and get back to it with a fresh mind!
    Yay to Mondays off – wish I could say the same thing! xxx

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