Easter weekend recap

Our Easter weekend was very low-key, but you know, I kinda liked it that way. I did run the usual errands on Friday and Saturday, had a long overdue phone call with a dear friend on Saturday morning, cleaned our apartment and then we had a lazy evening at home.

And this is basically how far my Easter activities went yesterday…


… and I was absolutely fine with it. I tried to color some eggs (but since I hadn’t really prepared for it and tried to dye brown eggs with natural ingredients (e.g. blueberries and spinach), the colors didn’t turn out as expected and I spare you the fail in pictures. The hard boiled eggs were still delicious with the fresh Easter bread and plenty of coffee.


I spent 2,5 hours with my family on Skype in the morning (and it almost felt like I was there with them) and the munchkins told me about their Easter baskets and the stilts that they got. Did you have stilts as a kid? They were so excited about them!

It was cool and rainy here in Northern California (go figure! We’ve been waiting for rain since the beginning of the year!), so going outdoors today was not really desirable, nor necessary, so I snuggled up on the couch with a blanket, read my book and took an Easter afternoon nap! So the day was basically awful and a huge fail! Haha!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Did you do something fun?

  1. Did you make that bread?? Looks so tasty!

    I wouldn’t call that a fail, but actually a nice, relaxing Sunday. To be honest, I kept forgetting it was Easter until people would remind me. So I didn’t technically celebrate it. (I just don’t care much anymore for religious holidays but that’s a completely different issue all together!)

    I did a lot of lounging around on Saturday and then Sunday we had a quick lunch at Matt’s aunt’s place and had friend’s over for dinner. It was quite nice. Now I can’t wait for the next weekend to come along!

  2. Die fail Ostereier hätte ich aber gern gesehen ;-) Das müssen wir dann nächstes Jahr wohl alle noch etwas optimieren, hihi.
    Der Hefekranz sieht suuuuper lecker aus!

  3. Looks cozy and wonderful. :) Happy Easter!!

  4. Your Easter sounds wonderful! I am sure it is so hard to be away from family but I am glad there are things like Skype to make you feel closer and included in the celebration. I had a great Easter with my family. I got back after 8 pm last night, though, so am starting to week feeling a bit tired but it was worth it!

  5. I ran around all weekend for Easter celebrations. It was fun & worth it, but having a day to read, lounge, & nap sounds heavenly after being so busy! Also, that bread look delicious.

  6. Hello :) Skyping with my mom when I live abroad was the best thing ever and it always made me feel homesick in a good way! It is so fun to know you a bit better trough the blog. My boyfriend and I are aiming at learning German and taking a B2 test this fall! Liebe Grüße

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