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Three years ago today, I became a U.S. citizen. Time sure went by fast. Considering the fact that I am still not officially hired as a federal employee (which was one of the main reason for me to get dual citizenship in the first place), things at my job have clearly taken their damn sweet time. I am hoping that this will be resolved in the not too distant future.

*  *  *

My co-workers took me out to a fun belated birthday lunch this week. In Germany, you’re usually required to or bring cake or donuts or something for your co-workers on your birthday. In our office, the birthday girl/boy is taken out to lunch by the rest of the group. I like that :)

*  *  *

I had a couple more sales in our Etsy shop (among others thanks to Kaci!) and that’s so exciting. I haven’t sold a whole lot of items yet, but it’s a nice side hobby and I enjoy when other people enjoy my crafts.

*  *  *

My sister, BIL and the munchkins (niece (6) and nephew (5)) were in Italy/South Tyrol on skiing vacation this week and my sister kept sending me pictures and little video clips of the kiddos and I basically died from the cute watching them, because they were so fearless and are such naturals on skis. My sister and I learned skiing when we were 4 years old and it’s something she definitely wanted to pass on to her kids. I am so proud of them and I wanted to be there so badly and I just miss them so much my heart aches. Just look at them!!!


*  *  *

This month I am participating in my blogger friend Fee’s ABC photo challenge on Instagram. Her blog is in German, so you might not be able to read her post, but the rules in a nutshell: starting on April, 1, post a picture of something starting with the letter A and then the following days with each subsequent letter of the alphabet and use the hashtag #abcfee2015 on Instagram for a fun way to document the next 24 days (XZY are combined on the last day). If you wanna participate and/or follow along, follow me on Instagram.

 Happy Easter weekend, friends!

  1. Wow, that is crazy that you have been a citizen for 3 years! I still vividly remember your post about becoming a US citizen and it doesn’t seem like it was 3 years ago!

    That is fun that your coworkers took you out for lunch for your birthday. My work environment is not really very warm and fuzzy so my team didn’t even know it was my birthday.. So yah… But I don’t know when their birthdays are either. We are not a close knit group at all…

    Have a happy Easter weekend!!!

  2. Happy Easter, San! And congratulations again on becoming a US Citizen!

  3. Ahh the government sure takes its time with a lot of things… Fingers crossed it won’t be much longer!!
    How cute are your niece and nephew?! Always envious how awesome little kids are on skis!

  4. Und ich freue mich sehr, dass du dabei bist :)! Frohe Ostern!

  5. Happy Easter, San! How nice of them to take you out for lunch!
    And look at those two skiing! Awesome! xxx

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