My birth-day


My birthday last week was lovely. I took the day off from work (shouldn’t everybody get their birthday off from work? I do think so!), slept in and then spent 4 hours on Skype and FaceTime with family and friends. It was wonderful! It’s the next-best thing to actually spending your birthday with the people that are most important to you. I love technology for this!


After I got off the phone, we made a (very late) breakfast of waffles and strawberries. Big pot of coffee included (of course).

I had originally planned to go somewhere for a day trip or something, but we ended up hanging out at home for the rest of the afternoon, I opened my birthday mail, I took a birthday nap (don’t mind if I do!) and then J took me out to dinner at “LowBrau”, a (fairly) new local brewery in town. They call themselves the “German beer hall” and have a variety of delicious sausages and side dishes and it was just the perfect casual dinner on a warm spring night. Just as good as any steak dinner, if you ask me!


I wanted to thank all of you who thought of me and sent emails, texts, WhatsApp and Facebook messages, or even snail mail cards and gifts. It meant so very much to me!

  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Hugs xxx

  2. All of that looks amazing and delicious! You deserve all the happiness!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful birthday, and YES, everyone should get their birthday off. I’m taking the day off this year. :P No guilt.

  4. We should all get to define how we spend our birthdays (and definitely get it off work or school)! So glad you got to spend your day feeling connected to loved ones and feeling loved!

  5. Sounds like a great day! I always like to take my birthday off too – if you can take it off, why not? My usual birthday request is a nap. I don’t care about presents, all I want it sleep!

  6. Your birthday celebration sounds perfect! Good for you for taking your birthday off! I should have done the same. Next year mine falls on a weekend, though, which will be nice! And your birthday dinner is my kind of dinner – I”d much rather have food like that than a fancy steak dinner actually!

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