On someone’s birthday…

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Today J turns 29 years old young.

It’s the tenth of his birthdays that we celebrate together (you do the math on how old he was then).

Ten years ago, we hardly knew each other on his birthday. I hadn’t really planned on getting him a gift or anything, wasn’t even sure what he was going to be doing on his birthday, but I had offered to spend time with him if he didn’t have any other plans. He didn’t and he gladly accepted. It was a special night, albeit the fact that we did very ordinary things. We walked. We sat on park benches. We talked. We poured our hearts out about stuff that some couples maybe never talk about.  We got late night coffee and a bag of Dorritos that we shared on a bench in the parking lot of a little shopping center. Romantic, I know!

It was nothing fancy, rather simple really, but nonetheless one of the nights we both remember very fondly. I guess, when you just start getting to know each other, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do it together.

Tonight I am taking J out for dinner. I have a couple of gifts for him (which I hope he’ll like) and then maybe, we’ll end the night with a walk and  late night coffee and Dorritos… just like ten years ago.

  1. Happy birthday to J! Sounds like you have a great birthday planned for him. :)

  2. happy b-day, J. i hope it’s going to be a good one! :)

  3. I love this story. Happy birthday, J!

    On the night before my wedding, Husband and I took a trip to Walmart and bought chicken salad croissants from the deli and bottles of sweet tea. We sat in the parking lot talking and eating our food. Then he rushed me back to my parents house just before midnight (we lived together but wanted to not see each other on the wedding day UNTIL the actual wedding). Now, the night before our anniversary, we always get chicken salad croissants. :)

  4. Happy birthday to J! Nathan and I celebrated his first birthday when we were starting to get to know each other with dinner in, a masive jigsaw puzzle that we never finished, and lots of talking. Good times :)

  5. Happy Birthday, J! Have a wonderful day and an awesome dinner date!
    I, too, remember exactly what S and I did on our first date! And it was nothing special either, well, to me it was…
    Hugs xxx

  6. I. Love. This. Post.

    Happy J Appreciation Day! May it be a blessed day full of love & laughter.

  7. I think a bag of Doritos on a a bench at night IS VERY ROMANTIC! Love it!
    Love the way you described it in your post!
    Happy Birthday J!

  8. Happy birthday J! And have a wonderful night you two, just as romantic as 10 years ago:)

  9. Aww, how sweet of you to take him out for his Birthday! Sounds like a lovely time. Happy Birthday to J and have fun. :)

  10. Happy Birthday to J!!

    And I’ve got to say, I’m loving these glimpses into the beginnings of your relationship with J – there is so much sweetness in the way you tell those stories.

  11. adore this so so much. happy birthday J!

  12. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday, J!

  13. Happy Birthday to J! Hope you guys have a wonderful night!

  14. gosh you are so romantic san xoxoxoxo

    Happy birthday J xoxoxox

  15. October 18 has to be one of the most popular dates for important events. Not only is it J’s birthday (happy happy!) … it’s my anniversary, my (late) grandmother’s birthday, close friends’ anniversary, the anniversary of my parents’ friends and two of our freinds’ birthdays. Insanity! But, it makes it easy to remember, for sure! Hope you had a great time celebrating!

  16. Happy birthday to J! And I love that picture, by the way! :)

  17. Der Post war so süß, ich hatte Tränen in den Augen beim Lesen.
    Ich hoffe, ihr habt einen schönen Tag verbracht!

  18. I hope you and J had a great birthday dinner!!! :) Happy (belated) birthday!!!

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