Hello March.


Goodness, it’s March again already.  Can you believe it? I am not complaining really, because I like March for a couple of reasons. One, it’s my birthday month (hooray!) and two, March brings along the beginning of spring.

Well, to be honest, it has felt like spring around our parts of the country for a couple of weeks already (with a few cooler, rainy days here and there, but overall, too warm and dry for this time of year! I took the above photo last week – yeah, looks pretty much like spring, right?).

At this point, I don’t have too much planned for this month.

I am probably going to take my birthday off from work, so I can sleep in, skype with my sister/family and then do something fun with J, because why the heck not?

I am planning to work on decluttering our apartment a bit. Call it spring cleaning, if you will, I call it preparing for a move that I’ve been planning in my head for I don’t know how long and which is hopefully going to happen sometime in the not too distant future.

I am hoping to continue with my Runtastic training plan. I am one week into a 6-week training schedule and, to be honest, the weather right now is kind of perfect (as perfect as it will ever be here in NorCal to go running in the park! I need to take advantage of that (and my current motivation) before the temperatures get scorching hot again in the summer.

I am looking forward to starting the third book for the Postal BookClub this month!

I’ll be writing a whole lot of birthday cards this month. March is a little overwhelming when it comes to birthdays. I think I know a birthday girl/boy on (almost) every single day of the month! All the babies that were conceived in the summer, hehe. I know at least 5 other people (including my sister) who share my exact birthday! That’s crazy!

What’s going on with you in March?

  1. Happy fellow March birthday! I think it should be a rule everyone automatically gets their birthday off from work! There is an organization in the city I work in that does that for their employees. I always take it off because as you say, why not!?! Birthdays are for doing whatever the heck we want, which definitely means lazy morning, relaxation, and all my favorite foods to me– and not dealing with work drama!

  2. I’m so glad we’re out of February (actually my least favorite month out of the year). March is my mom’s birthday month too! And it’s also when mother’s day is in Lebanon. Although, I am a bit biased and have to say that May is my favorite month out of the year since it’s my birthday month ;)

    Can you send a little spring our way and we’ll send some rain to you? I think that’s a fair trade no?

  3. My brother is a St Patricks day baby, and 2 on Luke’s side are also in March. It is a busy month!

    Love that decluttering idea. We also are looking at a potential move (hopefully!!) and decluttering beforehand would be awesome. Except we’re moving into a bigger space, so I do have room for all our junk. I’m just not sure I want to pack it all up and then unpack it!

    Glad you’ve found a workout system that works for you. I’m still working on that. Motivation is hard to find! Enjoy your spring weather! We are going into a blizzard warning, which is exciting.

  4. I love March because it means that Spring is right around the corner and I can hardly wait for it! Birthday months are the best – you made mine a little sweeter by thinking of me! Wishing you the happiest of months – I know how hard this year has already been on you – you totally deserve a break! Enjoy every little sunshine, friend! hugs xxx

  5. It sounds great your not planned month. I love having my bday off too. It’s a special and you should spend it with something special.
    I one had two co-workers who had their bday as the same day as mine. It was a first, and a last ever since… So five is a number!

  6. I just got my mail – thank you so much for the birthday card! That was such a fun surprise! I love your hand made cards!

    I am envious that spring has arrived in Sacramento. We are going to get snow and super cold weather tomorrow… so I guess winter has not quite moved on. It should warm up this weekend but I have low expectations for the weather this month because spring usually doesn’t arrive here until April or May. That said, I am excited to turn the calendar to March because it means we are closer to spring and warmer weather and it means longer hours of sunlight!

  7. I love March – it feels like spring is just around the corner!! I’m working on decluttering our condo too – I hate clutter so I use any excuse to purge: The start of a new year, the beginning of spring, the beginning of fall, boredom in the winter … Nathan is starting to learn that nothing is safe! Have you read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”? It’s a little out there (she thinks your shirts will tell you if they prefer to be hung or folded, and she tells her clients to talk to their houses like they’re friends) but other than that, it’s fantastic! I’m organizing my house using her method and so far it’s working really well :)

  8. Have fun with decluttering! It’s such a good feeling to get rid of stuff. I decluttered in February, but unfortunately it’s all still sitting in my living room because we haven’t had our garage sale yet. :P

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