Friday Facts


There is a huge wildfire burning in the foothills right now and even though we haven’t been impacted much by the smoke (yet) down here in the capital, I am really hoping that they’ll get this fire under control. It’s already destroyed 76,000 acres (that’s 310 km² for us metric-thinking people!) and it’s only 10% contained :( Send rain and good vibes!

 * * *

On Tuesday was my Dad’s (65th) birthday. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t stay until his birthday and be there for the party tomorrow, but I am glad I got to spend some quality time with him recently.

* * *

I’ve been looking for an (affordable) version of one of the Starbucks City Mugs from a few years ago (the one with the architectural skyline sketches) for quite some time now and last week, I saw it on Ebay for a reasonable price (just above what they used to cost when they first came out!) and I am so excited that I got it today! Love it!


* * *

We started a new series on Netflix and in case you haven’t heard about it, I highly recommend you check out “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” presented by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. If you’re only half the science nerd that I am, you’ll love this. It’s so fascinating and Neil deGrasse Tyson does such a good job getting you excited about science!

* * *

Today is for laundry, grocery shopping and household chores. I love getting those things out of the way before the weekend starts!


  1. Phil LOVES Cosmos – I tried watching 2 episodes and fell asleep during both… whoops. I consider myself to be pretty nerdy but I just couldn’t stay awake during either one. It might be my poor sleeping habits and not the show, though…

  2. Oh, gosh. I really don’t miss wildfires about Cali. Egads. Hope it stays far away from you!

    Zum Geburtstag viel Glueck, San’s Dad!

    Love those mugs. I keep looking for them at Sbucks, not realizing that they are now retired. I guess that explains why there aren’t any for me. Haha. Was Boston the city you wanted?

    Love the episodes of Cosmos I have seen so far!!! Super fun. :)

    My today was collecting leaves and pumpkin cream cheese. <3

  3. A friend bought me a New York Starbucks cup and I love it! When I went to buy another one from Germany, I couldn’t believe the price!!

  4. I really want to watch Cosmos, but I am so bad about sitting down and watching TV shows.

  5. Oh Cosmos is awesome! Matt and I watched it when it was on TV and were pretty bummed it ended. We were hoping there would be another seasons of it.

    Really, really hoping those wildfires calm down and rain comes your way. Fingers crossed.

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