July Favorites


1.) Oakley Dispute Sunglasses. Here’s a confession. I am the kind of person who buys a gazillion cheap sunglasses (and then continues to break them) and never wanted to invest in some really nice sunglasses because of that, but after breaking the same kind of sunglasses two times in a row (within a few months), I finally caved, because these were just hard to resist.

2.) Cherries. Saw them at the Farmers Market a few weeks ago and they have been my go-to summer fruit for the last few weeks!

3.) Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. I bought this a while back from my hairdresser and then basically put it in my cabinet and forgot about it. I just rediscovered it and it gives my fine hair some strength and texture. Love it.

4.) Apfelschorle (apple juice + sparkling water). The temperatures have been in the triple digits here and this is the ultimate thirst quencher. Well, I can’t get Gerolsteiner Apfelschorle here in the US, but I can get apple juice + Gerolsteiner sparkling water (at TJ’s). Voilà. You should give this a try.

5.)  Ulta Cheek Color Infatuation. I am usually not a person that uses blush (or ever really knew what was the point of it), but I discovered that it actually does give you a healthier glow when you leave the house all tired in the morning. Win! (This one apparently has been discontinued. Bummer.)

6.) Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals. I talked about Birkenstocks sandals with Mandy (on Twitter) a couple of weeks ago and then I went to Nordstrom Rack last week and they had those on sale! Just the ones I wanted! Well, if that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is! They’re super-comfy and so pretty!

  1. love that blush color. i rarely use it too, but i feel like that color is just divine.

  2. awesome favorites! :)

  3. The sunglasses and shoes are gorgeous! I was eyeing a pair of shoes similar to these yesterday and you’ve just reminded me how much I wanted to buy them. Wandering off to online shop now… ;)

  4. I have been drinking Gerolsteiner all week! I’ll def have to try it with apple juice :)

  5. Hi San! First time visiting your blog and thought it was funny that we have an opposite situation! (I recently moved to Germany from San Francisco!)

    That being said, I have definitely been drinking Apfelschorle here on this side of the world :)

    Mit Liebe aus Deutschland!

  6. Love the shades – I bet they look great on you!
    I just got a pair of Birkenstocks Gizeh sandals today – in kiwi green and I am loving them already! I used to wear those kind all the time in all sorts of colors and I have no idea why it took my over 3 years to finally get a pair again!
    Happy weekend xxx

  7. I’ve been into cherries too this summer, how come?!
    And sipping Apfelschorle is the best, huh…
    Have a great weekend, Tobia

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