Photo of the week: Walking

Foto der Woche

It’s Wednesday again and time for the ‘Foto der Woche‘.

Here is my Glücklichmacher #23:

Photo of the week: walking

Walking (taken on June 11, 2014)

It’s been super-hot here in California and I captured a walker early this morning in the early sunlight. It was only 7 a.m. and already so warm outside!

  1. That’s a great shot!

  2. Great photo. Sorry I have been a bit absent, but more so busy really. I thank my dog Rudi everyday for how he has opened my eyes to walking. It’s great to explore nature with him and amazing for thinking. BTW, just ordered a Condren life planner on your recommendation, very expensive but hopefully be worth it. Hope you are well!

  3. I wish it would be a bit warmer here in Germany! Can you send some sunshine please?? :)

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