July Favorites


1. I think I first came across Momentum Jewelry Motivational Wraps on Instagram and I just love the look and the customizable messages. The wrap fabric is really soft and doesn’t chafe if you wear it while working out. 

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2. It’s that time of the year aka summer where I really like a good smoothie. I am using this easy-to-follow formula to make my smoothies. I printed it out and taped it to the inside of my cabinet door, so that I always have it available. 

3. One thing that regular running has shown me is that my feet are definitely prone to getting hot and puffy and that good moisture-wicking running socks are really important for my blister-susceptible toes. I really like the Balega running socks, because they seem to keep my feet (mostly) happy.

4. I’ve been raving about their day and night cream before, but I also really like Andalou’s Fruit Enzyme Mask. It came as an “extra” with one of night cream purchases I made a while ago and I really like it. It leaves your skin super-soft and I would definitely consider buying it on its own.

5. I said before that I am German and I don’t like beer, but I make one exception in the summer: Radler (Kölsch + Sprite). So refreshing. And since I can get German Kölsch at the local beer garden, it’s a real treat.

6. The Anti-gravity chair + backyard lounging is my favorite right now. Being able to sit on our deck in the evenings is one of the best summer to-dos I can think of.

What was one of your favorite things in July?


  1. Happy last days of July…
    There IS nothing better than a Radler on a hot summer night while sitting outside (on my balcony). Yeah for summer!
    Happy weekend to you.

    1. Radler = awesome :)

  2. That deck chair looks awesome! I need something like that for our deck!

    My favorite thing about July was getting to enjoy fresh produce from my garden! I had radishes and beets and I got to pick my first tomatoes over the weekend. My beans are coming in and my peppers are starting to turn red so I should be able to pick them soon, and hopefully my cucumbers start to produce, too.

    1. Love that your garden is doing so well :)

  3. We have that same chair…they are heaven!


  4. Oh I love that chair! We have two of them on our balcony and they are so comfortable. Except I haven’t been able to stay outside for more than about 5 minutes due to the awful intense heat and humidity we have had all of July. Plus the mosquitoes. Can’t wait for fall and for the temps to drop so I can sit outside again! (Likely with a little strapped to me, but I don’t think I’ll mind him that much.)

    1. Hope you can enjoy your chair with the little man soon :)

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