What we’ve learned in 8 years of marriage


Today is J’s and my anniversary. We’ve been married for 8 years now.

Well, technically, we’ve been married for a little longer than that (our court wedding was on New Year’s Eve), but since there is so much celebration going on for New Year’s Eve anyway, we decided to celebrate our anniversary on the day we had our big wedding in Germany: May 27, 2006.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Time flies. No, really. Time flies. How has it been 13 years since our paths first crossed on a College Campus in California? It’s seems incredible to me.
  • Marriage is hard. Let nobody tell you otherwise.
  • But it can also be the easiest thing in the world!
  • Have fun! Find something to be happy about every day!
  • Cocktails > wine.
  • Always love the one you’re with, no matter how hard and difficult it may seem at times.
  • You can’t let any outsider judge your relationship. Never ever. Only you know what it really is about. Your marriage doesn’t have to conform to anyone else’s standards or expectations.
  • It’s ok to disagree sometimes.
  • Red Sox > Giants.
  • Planning is good, set-in-stone plans are bad.
  • Sometimes you have to compromise and just suck it up.
  • Sharing a meal is one of the best moments of our days.
  • If you want something, speak up. Nobody can always read the other person’s mind. Not even after 8 years.
  • It’s really not about the big gestures (although those are nice, too!), it’s about the little things in everyday life that count.
  • Laugh together. Have your own inside jokes.
  • Respect your differences. A person can only change so much. Even for love!
  1. This is beautiful, San. Great advice. Thank you for sharing. Happy anniversary! <3

  2. Congratulations! Time does fly (and I say that after less than a year of being married LOL).
    Your advice is spot on, and I completely agree about the compromise and planning parts. Wishing you many many more wonderful years of marriage <3

  3. Aww, I loved this! For someone getting married VERY soon, this was great to read. :)

    Happy anniversary and thank you so much for the advice!

  4. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!! <3

  5. Happy Anniversary! ;-)

  6. Happy anniversary!!! Here’s to many more ahead. Prost!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. Wonderful post, San. Happy anniversary to you & J!

  9. I like your list! I should have my husband read it, haha :) Happy Anniversary, and I’m wishing you many more to come.

  10. First of all, Happy Anniversary!

    Second, yes to all those, except for cocktails > wine. Wine usually trumps basically everything for me (again, just me!).

    Oh and Red Sox > [insert name of any baseball team]

  11. Congratulations (a bit belated but still from the bottom of my heart :). These are some wise words that I totally agree with (we really might be twinsies – lol)

  12. so sweet, happy belated anniversary! xo

  13. Happy anniversary to you both!

  14. Happy Happy Anniversary!


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