This might be kind of lengthy. It was a four-day weekend for me, after all :) Don’t you love it?

On Friday, I needed to recuperate from the long work week. I slept in and took another two-hour nap in the afternoon. What the hell is wrong with me? :)
We ordered pizza for dinner. Can you say… L A Z Y?

Saturday and Sunday we did what every good American does on a Holiday weekend – when he’s not traveling because of the soaring gas prices -, we went shopping.
We had somewhat anticipated the weekend to become a shopping weekend, because Memorial Weekend = coupons = sales = good time to shop for necessary things. Like skin care and hair care products :)

J had given me a generous gift certificate for “L’Occitane” for my birthday and I still hadn’t used it. It was about time. I was a little hesitant at first, because it’s a small exceptional and exclusive little store, but after I had gotten over the pricy labels on all the wonderful products, it was no problem to quickly fill my shopping basket. They have really awesome products. My personal favorite right now:

Almond Supple Skin Oil

It smells sooo good and leaves your skin beautifully smooth and soft. You can use it instead of a moisturizing body lotion after your shower.
I also got some hair and skin products and let’s just say – the gift card didn’t quite cut it :)

Walking by a tea shop, we were instantly sucked in by the mesmerizing smell of loose leaf teas. How can one walk out of this little paradise without buying some tea, plus the necessary tea pot to prepare tea the right way? Well, I couldn’t. Exactly!
We also got two new sets of towels and a bathroom set [bath rug, cover for toilet seat etc. – all 20% off!] and a small microwave for our kitchen. [Believe you me, you only realize how often you use the microwave, when you don’t have one for a while].

And of course, we also went to IKEA :) There was a “tax-free sale” this weekend – and that was reason enough to go! – but we also really did need a TV-stand, a shower shelf, a pillow and some other odds and ends.
Shopping is fun!!

For our anniversary, J and I went out for Sushi. I have to say that I’ve really come to love it! I used to be very sceptical about Sushi a few years ago, but I’ve really acquired a taste for it.

We started our dinner off with some drinks. I had a “Lemon Drop”. So delicious – says the girl who used to NOT touch any alcohol at all. Now I am going straight for the hard liquor. Ha! [but I usually only have one glass ].
We had Miso Soup *yum*, followed by three different Sushi rolls that we shared. I’ll let them speak for themselves:

Sushi rollÂ

Sushi rollÂ

Sushi rollÂ

Doesn’t that look yummy? It was delicious!
Since it was our anniversary dinner, we also got a free dessert on the house… and man, was I stuffed after this.

San and Jon

We had a really fun night – the only downside was that the restaurant already closed at 9 p.m.! I was kinda shocked. It must have been the fact that it was a week -night, but still… come on!

  1. look at you two – you look so happy! They closed at 9?? Unbelievable.

  2. Up here in the sticks of New Hampshire, it’s hard to find anything that stays open after 9.
    Love the pictures. You looks so wonderfully happy!

  3. that sushi looks DELICIOUS!

  4. Wow, it looks great.
    I am still a bit of a Sushi sceptic. Perhaps I should try it out.
    But 9 is a bit early to close, hm?

  5. Mmmh, mouthwatering pictures! And all the shopping…sounds wonderful to me! I’m putting a lot off nowadays because you know in just a bit over 2 weeks we are in LOW $$ land!

  6. now that i’m into sushi, too i have to say it looks great. and OMG how i’d LOVE to shop in $$ right now! did you go to target, too? *dreams*

    :) *smooches*

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