well, we all know who wriggled their way into the World Cup Finals… so I am not even going to mention Sunday night and the outcome. I just want to quote Franz Beckenbauer asked for his impression of the World Cup, especially the gathering of thousands of people from different countries for the public viewing of the games:

“That’s how God imagines the world.”

Well said. The whole World Cup was just amazing and a matchless event :) The host of the next Soccer World Cup will have a hard time living up to the expectations.

I went to IKEA today with my sister and my Mom. I love IKEA. I could buy the whole store :) Unfortunately I have to contain myself since I can’t take much stuff with me to CA… but it’s really, really hard. I couldn’t help but buy a few tiny little things [and if I hadn’t bought them, my Mom would have done it… *lol*]. I bought some nice place mats and I was going to buy some very nice sheets and pillowcases – they are so much less expensive here than in the US that I decided to buy them here, but Jon has to measure our blanket so that I can buy the right size.

Oh yeah, and I am little bummed today – because Jon went to see Pearl Jam in concert last night. My all-time favorite band. Of course he had bought a ticket for me as well, because we both thought that I would be back in CA for a while already at that time… now he had to try and sell it and it’s just so unfair that I didn’t get to see them :( It has been much too long. I don’t know if it should be kind of comforting that living in LA will actually give me the opportunity to see many bands in concert on a regular basis. I just hope that Pearl Jam will be among them again. They are usually not playing too many gigs anymore.