A new URL 2 IRL friend


Last week, I was able to turn another URL friendship into an IRL friendship. My friend Jenny, who I’ve met through this blog last summer, happened to be in San Francisco last week and was kind enough to let me know about it, so I could take a day off work and go to the city to have some fun.

I picked Jenny up at the hostel that she was staying at and within minutes, it felt completely natural to be around her. I love when transition from online to offline relationships are so incredibly easy.


Washington Square


Coit Tower

We decided to start our day of exploring the city with a hike up to Coit Tower for a nice view (unfortunately, the tower is under renovation right now and we couldn’t go inside, but the view was worth it anyway).

Golden Gate Bridge

From there, we made our way down to Fisherman’s Wharf and over to Ghiradelli Square and the Acquatic Park Pier, because the views from there of both of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city are amazing!


California Poppies

From there, we contemplated taking the bus to the Marina, because I thought that Jenny should most definitely see the Palace of Fine Arts and the beautiful neighborhood, but a quick look at Google Maps and we decided ‘nah, we can walk that!‘. So, we walked up the hill to Fort Mason and down into the Marina district and to the Palace of Fine Arts.

Fort Mason

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Golden Gate Bridge


After hanging out there for a while, we briefly thought about taking the bus back to the piers, but then decided again that it was quicker to walk it. So, back to Pier 39 we walked. I mean, you can’t come to San Francisco and not see the sea lions at Pier 39… tourist stuff or not. (And thank you big container ship for coming into the picture right then and there. You looked pretty!)

Pier 39

So yeah, we did a lot  of walking that day. 9 miles (15 km) plus some. If it hadn’t been for our sore feet, I am convinced we wouldn’t even have noticed, because we just walked and talked for about 6 hours straight. It was fantastic!

SF walking

We did finally give in though and decided to catch the Cable Car back to Powell Street and look for a restaurant to have some dinner and wrap up our girl date.  It was definitely a great day and my sore calves and a bit of a sunburn were quite worth the fun! I hope we can do this soon again!!

Cable Car

Cable Car

  1. I love the photos! :) They remind me of our stay in San Francisco last year (which was too short to explore this beautiful city).

  2. What a fun day! Looks like weather was on your side. I absolutely love when the conversation flows and having fun turns into such an adventure!

  3. What a lovely day! And such GORGEOUS weather! Wowza!


  4. I hope I can become an IRL friends someday. :)

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