Photo of the week: Spring has sprung

Foto der Woche

Happy spring, my dear photography friends! How is the new season treating you in your neck of the woods?

It’s time for the  ‘Foto der Woche‘ again and here is mGlücklichmacher #12.

Photo of the week: Spring has sprung

Spring (taken March 23, 2014)

It’s been a beautiful spring here in California and the blooming trees and bushes are making my heart happy. We went on a nice walk around our neighborhood on Sunday, because it was warm and sunny and just nice all around. I snapped this picture along the way. The color of these tiny flowers just popped in the bright sun light and I thought they were so pretty.

P.S. Funny that after a beautiful week of warm temperatures and sun, it’s raining today.

  1. Oh wirklich schön! Besonders die Farbe! Da hätte ich auch stehen bleiben müssen um ein Foto zu machen. :-)

  2. Freezing my ass off here. Not jealous. :)

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