Photo of the week: Biker

Foto der Woche

Hello photography friends, it’s Wednesday again and this means I’ll share another ‘Foto der Woche‘ with you.

Here is mGlücklichmacher #11

Photo of the week: Biker

Biker (taken on March 12, 2014)

It continues to be very spring-like here in Northern California. Actually, temperatures were up in the 80’s F (mid-20’s°C) last weekend and it pretty much felt like we had not only skipped winter, but also spring, and went right to summer. I’ve seen a lot of bikers out on the river trails this last week and wish once more I had a bike here of my own.

I always used to have a bike in Germany (and rode it all the time), but for some reason, I haven’t gotten a bike here yet. Probably because using it as an every day means of transportation is – albeit possible – not really a smart thing to do, because drivers here on city streets are really not prepared for bikers. It would be nice to go for a bike ride on the weekends, though.

  1. Tolles Bild!! Hier is es leider wieder ein bisschen abgekühlt. Aber ich hoffe, dass es bald wieder an die 20°C werden.. ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Oh, das ist ein tolles Foto! Bei uns war es letzte Woche auch schön warm, aber diese… brrr!

  3. Yup. no biking for me either. I can’t even drive here;)

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