5 Foods I buy & eat every week

I’ve seen this kind of post somewhere on the Interwebs (I am sorry, I don’t remember where or I would give credit for the post idea – if you know who posted it, let me know!) and I thought it was a great peek into the every day life of a blogger. Besides, I am always interested to read about other people’s grocery and cooking habits. One of these days, I might break down our grocery shopping for you (if that is something you’re interested in), because I am constantly amazed about how little others seem to spend on groceries. However, I am not willing to compromise on certain things, so our grocery bill comes at a higher price and I am ok with that. Everybody has their priorities.

But I digress. Today, I want to talk about 5 food staples that make their way into my shopping cart every single week.


Almond Milk

I could never ever go without milk, or dairy in general for that matter, but I’ve started substituting with Almond Milk and I am a fan. 1 cup of Almond milk has a third of calories of (1%) milk and it works for me for substituting in most instances that I would usually use regular milk. Trader Joe’s has original, unsweetened almond milk (without carrageenan!!) now and I buy it regularly. It goes into my steel cut oats, my granola, and I substitute it for half my regular milk in my coffee. (Maybe I’ll be able to switch over to 100% eventually, but as of right now, I am still liking my regular milk too much… it just adds a touch more creaminess.)



I like a lot of fruits and eat various kinds during the summer months, but apples are my favorite (and strawberries. But strawberries don’t taste good year-round). I put them in my steel cut oats, on crêpes, or eat them just plain. Crisp and fresh. And you know, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.



I love, love, love tomatoes. I’d say they’re my favorite fruit … or are they vegetables? (Google says that botanically tomatoes are fruits, but they’re considered vegetables for culinary uses. Aha!) Either way, I am a big fan of tomato salad, I like them sliced on bread and in any cooked form. Or, you know, just as simple snacks all by themselves. Grape tomatoes are delicious!


Whole Grains

If you know me just a little bit, you know that I prefer a fresh slice of whole grain bread over ANYTHING else. I also love whole grains in any other form and so it comes as now surprise that I’ve started to introduce steel cut oats into my breakfast routine.


Goat Cheese

It’s my FAVORITE. We use it in salad dressing (makes a nice creamy dressing mixed with the oil and vinegar) or just sprinkle it on top. I also use it in sauces or spread it on a fresh piece of bread.

What are five food staples in your fridge/pantry?

  1. I completely agree with you on your grocery shopping philosophy!! Somethings I just won’t trade to save a buck. Apparently there is FINALLY a Trader Joe’s in the works for my area, and I am SO EXCITED. You don’t even know. PSYCHED. Those cookies in that box I won on your blog, by the way, so good (thought I need to not go to TJs just for cookies, haha). You are the sweetest.

  2. our staples are so similar. mine are: almond milk, gala apples, cheddar cheese, bananas & eggs.

  3. This is fun! My staples are similar as well…apples, spinach, almond milk, bananas and chicken.

  4. What I really always buy is fruit (a mix of apples, bananas and kiwi most of the time), eggs, mozzarella cheese, spelt whole grain bread and meat. I just need meat. In all kinds of variation. We like beef, chicken and pork.

  5. We could be twins.


    You have one of those.

    My staples are almost the same. Almond Milk, apples, clementines usually, cheese. :)

    and then the usual stuff we already have.

  6. Oooh, this is a fun post, San. I’m an apple lover, too, but I only eat them fresh (I hate cooked fruits, in general). Staples in our weekly shop include berries (sometimes Gavin will eat an entire container of raspberries before we finish our shop), carrots & cucumbers (in addition to other salad ingredients, but Gavin will eat cucumbers whole; it’s quite the sight), a small rotisserie chicken (I use the meat for my lunch salads), yogurt and chocolate.


    We always have cheese in our fridge. Crazy not to. Also apples (I eat all the apples – so delicious). And tomatoes. Basically everything you listed. And oatmeal (I eat the oatmeal).

    Now I’m getting hungry for cheese and tomatoes.

  8. TOMATOES!! YES. My favorite thing about summer is having tomatoes growing in the back yard and being able to just pick them and eat them right off the vine. A little salt, a little pepper, and that’s all I need.

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