Photo of the week: Not quite a piano

Foto der Woche

Hello, hello! This Wednesday I am really excited to share with you my  ‘Foto der Woche‘, because  I really can’t stop smiling. I think I haven’t been as excited about something in quite a while. Without further ado, I present you mGlücklichmacher #6


Keyboard (taken on February 9, 2014)

You might not know this about me, but I play the piano. I took lessons from when I was 10 until I was 25 and then I practically stopped playing ‘cold-turkey’, because I moved to the US and didn’t have my piano anymore. I started learning to play on an old piano that my parents had bought because I wouldn’t stop bugging them about wanting to learn how to play the piano. Later, I bought myself a Yamaha piano when I was 18 (I had saved up for it and it was a lot of money at the time for me) and now it sits at my parents’  house and I only get to see (and play) it when I am there to visit once a year.

The truth is: I miss my piano and I miss playing it. So, fast-forward to somewhere before Christmas when I mentioned to my (neighbor-)friend that I am so excited to go home and play my piano and she casually mentions that she has a keyboard sitting in her closet and that it is “not quite a piano, but better than nothing” and that she was willing to lend it to me for an indefinite period of time. I couldn’t believe what I was being offered! I set up the keyboard last weekend and what can I say: I am the happiest!

  1. I also wish I had a piano in my apartment, I grew up playing as well. I’m so happy you have this one ot play on!!!


  2. Tolles, schönes Foto! Und eine schöne Geschichte dahinter. Ich habe früher auch ein paar Jahre Klavier gespielt. Manchmal vermiss ich es auch. Aber ich denke, ich würde ein Klavier nicht genug nutzen, als dass sich die Anschaffung lohnen würde, weil ich leider nicht so das musikalische Geschick besitze ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. How very nice of your neighbor. I am very happy that you know can play more than once a year!
    How about taping a fragment of you playing and putting on your blog?

  4. i begged and begged my parents for lessons. finally they relented when we found a deal of a piano teacher that i could walk to after chinese school on saturdays. it was only once a week, and i didn’t practice much, so needless to say, that didn’t last long… :P the parents bought an old piano from the newspaper classifieds that i practiced on.

  5. Aweeeee…:) That’s awesome!

  6. GREAT PHOTO! I wish I had some sort of musical ability. Any at all. So call me jealous. ;)

  7. That’s fantastic :) And a great picture! I used to play too, but our condo is way too small for a piano. Or a keyboard. Topher has a “Wiggles” keyboard I play every now and then but it only has 12 keys :)

  8. Das ist ein supercooles Foto! Tolle Perspektive :-)

  9. Oh, how this post resonates with me! I started playing the piano when I was five and continued with it through my early 20s. I miss it, too. I’ve told Sweets that when we move into a house, we have to make sure there’s room for a piano. So awesome that you’re warming up your fingers again!

  10. I used to play piano. I don’t remember exactly why I quit; probably because I struggled reading music with out the cheat sheet music thing on the keys. I don’t believe in holding onto regrets but I do wish I hadn’t quit. I wish I could just sit down at a piano and play.

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