Man, this week went by fast… even though I had to stay until Friday this time, because I saved last Monday’s holiday hours for another time [maybe Christmas?! ;)]. Maybe it was because I was so busy this week. Busy weeks always go by fast, somehow.

My co-worker Michelle had her birthday on Tuesday and we took her out for a group lunch at Chili’s on Wednesday. It also was Kari’s birthday on Wednesday, so I stayed up Tuesday night to bake a birthday cake for her [I had to wait until she went to bed, so it got kind of late] and Wednesday after work I met her and some of her friends/neighbors for some drinks at Spataro‘s downtown. Afterwards we went to one of our neighbor’s house for birthday cake and red wine. We sat in the backyard and it was just a lovely evening. I thought it was really nice that I was instantly included in the birthday celebrations. Kari and I really get along well. We usually talk for a while when I come home and have watched TV together one time. Last night, she got me hooked on “Grey’s Anatomy”. I know I am slow on the uptake, but I just haven’t had time to watch much TV lately and I do like watching shows like that on DVD anyways [because you never have to wait for the next episode for a whole week ;)]. On a site note, she also has all “Sex and the City”-Seasons and I still have to finish up with the last one… what a perfect coincidence :)

Today my group joined some co-workers on Campus for a Friday-lunch BBQ. Michelle told me that they have a BBQ each first Friday of the month and I thought that this is a really neat idea to get to mingle with people that you usually don’t get to see in the office. And now I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight home. Even though I had an exciting week, I am ready for the weekend :)

  1. well great, THAT explains why i didn’t get you in ventura AGAIN.
    pffft – will we ever talk again? :( i guess in person in november at the latest…

  2. Awww you already have a big social life going in Sacramento! How nice! Gotta love the US for that. Enjoy your weekend at home with “da hubby”!
    Save travels!

  3. I think it’s great that people have included you in the social stuff! I know I try to do that kind of thing when someone’s new… it’s so hard when you’re starting out somewhere new!

  4. Seems like it couldn’t get much better than this! Perfect! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Yeah for FINALLY getting you hocked on Greys Anatomy!

    But I have to say that I love to watch it every week because it is soooo more trilling than watching it in a row on DVD.

    Girls – do you remember that REALLY HARD week when Grey “died” ??? That was great, waiting that long to get to know the hole story! Exiting!


  6. that sounds like a busy but really cool week. i am glad you enjoy everything so much, have a nice roomie and go out a lot:-)hugs

  7. Haha, I love Grey’s! Glad you got into it as well! :) Sounds like you found a really great place there with a nice roommate!

  8. Oh, seems you really get used to living in 2 cities.
    I just got hooked on Grey’s a couple of month ago – its GREAT! Watch all the epsiodes. If you need my *cough* copies of 2nd and 3rd season, let me know. :)

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