Friday Facts


I had a doctor’s appointment this morning because of an ongoing cough (and stomach pain) that I had on and off for the last 10 months. The doctor thinks it might be related to acid reflux (even though I don’t really have heartburn), so he prescribed a heartburn medicine to see if it takes care of my stomach discomfort and coughing. Have you had acid reflux? Which symptoms did you have? I’ve been trying to nail this one down for so long.

* * *

I was also talked into getting the flu shot. I wasn’t going to get it, but with 124 deaths from the flu in CA, I wavered a little bit and got it. I don’t know what to think really. I didn’t have a flu shot in a few years and I am pretty healthy… is it more of a risk to get it or not to get it?

* * *

It’s my dear friend Kim‘s birthday today and as always, I wish I lived closer, so that I could pop by and celebrate her birthday with her. Oh well, at least we got to talk on the phone. I hope you had a wonderful day, friend. (I hope you read this and know that I’ve been thinking about you! <3)

* * *

I went to my knitting class with my friend this week and we both started a new knitting project. Most of the people in our class were total beginners and they were a bit frustrated with learning the basics: how to hold the needles, how to keep tension on the yarn, how to get stitches on the needle, etc. They commented on how we made the motion look so easy and smooth. The repetitive motion is indeed a very calming activity for me, but I’ve had years of practice. I am really so glad that I learned how to knit as a child. I can totally see how when you first start out, it’s more ‘work’ and effort than anything else. I hope they keep with it and get to a point where they feel the same relaxing affect that knitting has for me.

* * *

We’re finally getting some much needed rain here in California this weekend and I am looking forward to a nice, cozy weekend snuggled up in our apartment. I have a full DVR to catch up on and knitting to do. What’s going on where you are?

  1. I have acid reflux and it sucks. I hope your medication makes it feel better. When I got diagnosed with reflux, my symptoms were dry heaving, coughing and nausea. No reflux at all. Now I get a lump in my throat, nausea and a hoarse cough.

  2. What is your new knitting project?!

    Apparently I have acid reflux, though I don’t have any of the typical symptoms. It’s a long story, and more to do with the look of my tongue than anything else. Who knew?

  3. I still haven’t decided about the flu shot, even though there have been quite a few flu deaths in Alberta this year. It always seems like everybody who gets the shot gets the flu anyway, so I’ve never been able to see the point! It’s a bit different with kids, since they seem to bring everything home no matter how careful you are, but (knock on wood!) we’re still flu free! For now … I’ve tried to learn how to knit before but gave up because I got so frustrated! Maybe I’ll try again when I have more free time :)

  4. the weekend rain definitely provided perfect weather for staying in bed with a good book, the best.

  5. I struggled with acid reflux about 4 years ago. My main symptom was pain in my chest. I never would have guessed it was acid reflux because I thought the pain would be different… I hope you get to the bottom of it!

    I learned to knit as an adult and it was so frustrating initially but I got the hang of it by the end of the 3-class session. And now it is SO soothing for me to work on a project!

  6. Ich habe genau die selben Symptome wie du: Anhaltender Husten und auch Bauchscmerzen gelegentlich. Ich schleppe das schon seit über einem Jahr mit mir rum, zwischenzeitlich hatte ich auch mal einen komischen bitteren Geschmack im Mund. Nach einer Magenspiegelung stand fest: Es ist eine Magenschleimhautentzündung und ich habe einen Helicobacter. Den glaubt man zwar mittlerweile durch Antibiotica eliminiert zu haben, aber der Husten kommt trotzdem immer wieder. Montag steht der nächste Termin auf dem Plan. Und bei dir? Etwas Neues?!

  7. I wish I could knit. I tried it a couple of times, but was too impatient. May be I should start learning it again.

  8. Danke Süsse, dass Du an mich gedacht hast. Ich komme erst heute dazu, hier mal wieder rein zu schauen. I miss you lots, too and HDGDL! Talk real soon again! :-*

  9. Can we Skype so you 1) I can see your pretty face. 2) so you can teach me how to knit?! :)

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