21: Things I love Thursday


This week almost feels a little bit like Christmas (are you getting into the Christmas mood yet?), because I got so many ‘presents’ this week.

This week I’m loving…

… that I was able to finalize my holiday travel. My Dad found a really great flight deal last weekend (he saved us a ton of money) and we jumped on it immediately. We’re already very late (4 weeks before our departure) to book our flights, but I couldn’t really make any definitive plans with all the limbo that was going on with my work. And even though things are still not worked out, I was at least given a little breathing room for a couple of months and that meant that we were able to keep our vacation plans intact. I am so excited to go home and see my family.

… our new coffeemaker that we picked up last night. Our old coffeemaker had been giving us problems for a while now (and after all, it’s 7 years old, so its death was kind of imminent) and so we bit the bullet last night and with a pre-Thanksgiving coupon bought a new one. It’s a “two-way flex brew” machine which means it can make a whole pot of coffee, but it can also make single cups (by using either regular coffee grounds or even pods or K-cups). I am beyond thrilled!

… our new windshield wipers. I never thought I would say that, but I am excited about windshield wipers. We had the first (real!) rain the last couple of days and I realized that the old wipers were really not doing a good job anymore, so we stopped at an AutoZone and got some new ones. And wow, what a difference it makes!

… a really wonderful Thank you-package that I received in the mail from my friend Nadine. I helped her with her thesis earlier this summer and she sent me a really sweet note and some gifts as a Thank you. I was really touched.

… a sweet postcard from another dear friend.

… vanilla candles. It makes the apartment smells nice and christmassy!

…  knitting. I started a couple of new projects a week ago and I am really happy to get back into needle work again. There is nothing better when it’s cold outside and you can sit on your couch with a blanket and knit!

What are you loving right now?

  1. I am loving that you bought plane tickets! If you have a layover in the MSP airport, it’s a good place to be laid over because there are LOTS of great restaurants! :) And good book stores!

    I am loving knitting lately, too. Right now I am working on a beret style hat that I am hoping to finish in time for my Paris trip. I am also loving that I will see my family in less than a month, pumpkin spice lattes (they never get old for me), passion tea from Starbucks, and some new cozy pajamas I bought at Target.

  2. Hurray for your trip! That is awesome that you got a good deal on tickets at such a late date! I bet you are so excited to go home for the holidays!

    I think its a sign that you are a grown up when you start loving windshield wipers! I know exactly what you mean!

  3. What coffeemaker did you get? I’ve been on the hunt for something new now that my boyfriend is living with me- using my one cup single K Cup is becoming quite costly every morning when we both have multiple cups of coffee!

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