Friday Facts

Fridayfacts2 As of yesterday, I am back at work. Hooray! I am so glad Congress came to a resolution and we were able to return to work (although one might wonder: what in the world was this whole shutdown for in the end? Did anybody win? Or did ordinary people – and politicians – just lose big time all around?)

* * *

Because of aforementioned news, I am in the office today. Most Fridays are not scheduled work days for me (I work a flex schedule), but I need to make up some hours for this week. Unfortunately, it’s J’s birthday today and he loses out on having breakfast with me, but hey, we have the whole weekend to celebrate. Also: he got an early birthday present last night when the Red Sox beat the Detroit Tigers and they are leading the ALCS 3-2 now.

* * *

I had a pretty good mail week… first, I got a surprise care package from Steph with some nice goodies including some “furry furlough socks” (ha!), which totally blew me away. Then, a day later, I received a “pay it forward”-package from my dear friend Kim with the cutest, handmade Köln-earrings, and then there was the November issue of Real Simple and my second Birchbox subscription. Good stuff!

* * *

Had some Toblerone chocolate this week. It will forever remind me of my late great-aunt (she used to get some  – usually the white chocolate kind – for me when I visited). It’s bitter-sweet.

* * *

So excited about the new Pearl Jam album which just came out a couple of days ago (and which I am giving J for this birthday today). I bought the actual CD at a store. We have all their physical CD’s and we needed to have this one. Can’t wait to listen to it.


  1. You still have actual physical CDs?! :-) That’s amazing, and it totally makes sense if you’ve already got the others and are collecting ’em all.

    Glad to see you’re back at work, even if on a Friday and on J’s birthday. YAY OCTOBER BABIEEEESSSSSS…

  2. I love buying actual physical CDs still, it’s just so fun. & hurray for going back to work! Glad the furlough is over.

    & Happy birthday J!

  3. I always buy the actual CD too – I’m not sure why, since I always put them on my computer …I just like to have them :) And I love Toblerones – I make Toblerone fudge every Christmas (because that’s the only time the big chocolate bars go on sale!!!)

    Happy birthday J!

  4. Toblerone will always and forever remind me of Joey from FRIENDS. LOL. Your association is healthier. ;)

    So glad you are back at work!!! Hurrah!!

  5. I am so, so, so glad you are back at work! It must be such a relief.

    Let me know what you think of the new album. I’ve been seeing mixed reviews, but I don’t generally pay much attention to the reviews because music is so subjective. My brother loves what he’s heard so far, and so does one of my good friends who is the die-hardest Pearl Jam fan I’ve ever met :-)

  6. I’m so glad things got resolved and you were able to pick up work again! I just hope the other job related issues you described will be resolved as well soon! Happy belated birthday to J! Hugs xxx

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