I don’t care, I love it… ahm… them.

Two weeks ago, I decided to do something completely by myself again. I don’t have a problem doing things by myself. I actually am someone who craves me-time quite a bit and I don’t need to be around people all the time. This is one thing when you’re at home just hanging out by yourself, but another thing if you go out and “do things” alone. Going to dinner, to a movie, or to a concert is still sometimes considered awkward by many people. But you know what? It also is liberating and empowering. I don’t have to rely on other people to come with me to have a good time. I can cherish an experience and know that it’s all mine.

So, two weeks ago, I just thought to myself: eff it, I am going! And THIS is where I went. NKOTB – The Package Tour.


If this looks vaguely familiar to this post, you are right. I’ve done this kind of thing before. I am so totally over explaining or justifying why I go to these concerts. I’ve been a fan since 1989. This is more than 20 years. You do the math. I remember when my parents let me go to their first concert in Germany in 1991 and because of high demand, there were additional concerts added 6 months later. I bought a ticket for the second part of the tour right away and my Dad didn’t even believe I’d still be interested in them by the time the second part of the tour came around.
Little did he know that my loyalty would last a lifetime (he still likes to shake his head in disbelief – and a little twinkle in his eye – when I tell him I went to yet another concert! Haha!)





My BiSC-peeps will appreciate this video:

This I HAD to steal from youtube, because I was nowhere close enough to capture this. (Courtesy of Jonesdawnl) But, cue the heartmelt.

I truly and sincerely had the bestest time ever! I can not describe how happy those concerts make me. This time, NKOTB toured with Boyz II Men (which I was very (!) excited about) and 98° (not that interested in, but oh well). It was amazing to see Boyz II Men and NKOTB perform on the same stage, because they go way back to the late 80’s when both bands started out. What a once in a lifetime experience!
Now, confess: were/are you a NKOTB fan? Did you see the Package Tour? If not, there are still some tour dates left!

  1. NKOTB was my first concert back in 1993 and I wanted to go to a NKOTBSB Show in Germany but couldn’t because a) no one wanted to join and b) not close to where I live and during the week. But I used to be a huge fan and also liked BSB and listened to 98º back then.
    And guess what, I once went on vacation alone because my bf had just broken up. I spend 10 days alone in Miami South Beach and loved it!!
    BTW…I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars in Berlin in June…which was my 6th time…Nr. 7 and 8 will follow in November in Hamburg and Munich. Plus I wear a band symbol as a necklace and have a band tattoo.Guess how many eye rolls I already got from my family. ;)

  2. Ohhh, if we were close, I so would have gone with you. I want to go to this show, but I missed the one closest to me (Nashville, I think, maybe?) I loved NKOTB and still love NKOTB. JORDAN FOREVER! :)

    How cute is Griffin?!?

  3. OMG, THE VIDEOS ARE AMAZING! I didn’t realize they wear the Bruins jerseys to shows not in Boston. They wore them during the NKOTBSB, and figured it was just for us Boston people. Very cool! I haven’t seen them in a couple of years since I saw NKOTBSB twice within 2 weeks. So happy to meet another life-long fan. i remember taping their pictures to my walls in first grade.

  4. Oh, definitely a huge fan of both bands! So awesome that you were able to go and see them. And is that a little Joey? Cause he looks SO much like his dad. I didn’t make it to the package tour (not sure if they already came here or not, actually). I tried to see NKOTB a few years back but my friends bailed so I didn’t go to the concert which in hindsight was really stupid of me. I should have gone anyway. Glad you had a great time!

  5. Awwww this brings me back to teenage years! Funnnnn!!!

  6. I’m quite certain I would hurl if I had to dance on that rotating floor. Guess I’ll never become an honorary NKOTB member. ha.

    I never was a NKOTB fan, so I haven’t ever cared to see them in concert. Though, I thought it was cute that a college girlfriend (currently living in Kentucky) brought her tween daughter to Chicago last week to see them in concert. I probably should’ve asked which one of them was more excited. ha.

  7. Now I (finally) found something we have a different opinion and/or taste in…… Not a NKOTB Fan ….. But I have to admit I like the video with little Griffin!
    Happy for you that you had a great time!

  8. I think I have a CD from them somewhere, but never was much of a fan or went to any of their concerts. Good for you for going, I don’t think I would have gone to a concert by myself. Maybe I should try it someday.

  9. I loved BSB.. I thought about to go to the concert NKOTBSB, but wasn’t then there. Cool, you had a great experience! :)

  10. I love that you went to this concert by yourself! I have done that as I went to a Mat Kearney concert by myself a couple of years ago. I did like KNOTB when I was young and my best friend from high school was OBSESSED with them. She had posters, sheets, and a bedspread w/ the faces of NKOTB. I wasn’t as big of a fan, I think they are a fun group but I probably wouldn’t spend money to see them. But I think it’s GREAT that you did!!

  11. How awesome! Love that you went on your own – I, too, love doing things on my own! Great pics – have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  12. i was so sad to miss it when it came here (i was out of town, blergh!) but so glad you went again. seriously NKOTB foreva and eva is what i always say. & that video of little Joey is PRECIOUS! love it.

  13. What a fun solo adventure! They were here in Nashville and I didn’t get to go. I had all the jealousy :)

  14. Hi San,

    just catching up on your post. NKOTB – was the first tape album I ever owned. A friend got it for me first just copied, so the quality was pretty bad, but guess what, I still own it. Every other year in spring/ summer time I digged it out to listen in the car, cause it never fails to give me back sweet memories and the feel I had back then – innocence, first love, and music as one of my first ever passions.
    I downloaded now some of these songs, the slower ones. Also, I used to have a crush for Jordan. And to the second album on vinyl I would dance in the living room when on my own. Put all the furniture aside and pretend to be a good dancer in a dancing class ;) Which explains, I too thoroughly enjoy my own company and space :)
    Greetings from Sheffield xx

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