Things I love Thursday


This week I’m loving…

… breakfast food. It’s my favorite thing!

… that I’ll be seeing this girl in 24 hours for the whole weekend! We’ll be hanging out in SoCal and you’re welcome to join us, if you’re around!

… productivity at work. I’ve been working with new people on new tasks for new projects and I am getting the hang of it. It’s amazing how fast the day flies by when you’re busy and productive.

… the Farmers Market. Well, actually, I don’t just love it this week, I love it every week  — as you can probably tell by my weekly Instagram posts. It’s one of my favorite Sunday morning activities in the summer. Do you have a local Farmers Market that you go to? Do you love it as much as I do?

… the fact that I haven’t killed my umpteenth basil plant (yet). Usually I over- oder underwater it pretty quickly, but this recent one I bought just keeps growing and growing.  I’d say, more Caprese salads for everyone!

… Hoarders. I re-discovered this reality TV show for me. I don’t know why I watch (some of it is horrid to look at), but I guess I have a morbid fascination with people who can’t let go of stuff. What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

… macaroni salad. Since it’s been quite hot around here, we’ve been making a lot of salads and other dishes that don’t (or hardly) need to be cooked and require little preparation time. What do you make for dinner when it’s too hot to turn on the stove?

… Twix. I hardly ever eat candy bars, but e v e r y  now and then, I have a craving for them. Whats your favorite?

What are you loving this week?

  1. Ditto on Hoarders! I rarely watch it, but it’s super easy for me to get sucked in when I do. It makes me want to clean and get rid of all my stuff! One of my grandmothers was a hoarder (not like you see on the show, but still) and a part of me fears it’s genetic so I am always trying to keep the clutter and stuff under control. Plus, we live in a 2-br condo so less is definitely more here.

    My current guilty pleasure shows are So You Think You Can Dance and American Ninja Warrior. Mark and I watch them both together– they’re silly, but it’s really inspiring to see such talented, strong people with amazing athletic skills.

  2. I can only watch so much Hoarders before I start purging and cleaning my house like crazy. It drives my husband nuts so I can only watch it if he’s out for the evening :) My latest TV guilty pleasure is American Ninja Warriors!

  3. Hoarders makes me feel better about my hoarding tendencies because then they’re nothing in comparison to what they show on tv. At the same time, it’s really sad and these people have a really tough problem. :(

  4. I have so many guilty pleasures when it comes to TV shows. I’ll second what others have said: American Ninja Warrior. It’s so impressive to see the athletes compete!

  5. I am so with you with the killing plant thing. I manage every time. And I could eat candy bars A L L T H E T I M E, unfortunately …
    I don’t know hoarders but it’s a good thing – watching too many TVshows already.
    Have a great weekend, Tobia

  6. hurray breakfast foods, they’re my favorite too.

    and double hurray to your socal visit! can’t wait to see you ladies tomorrow xoxo

  7. Hurray for breakfast foods! Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s croissants (in the freezer/breakfast foods section)? Pretty decent fresh croissants that won’t break the bank :)

  8. Hoarders is crazy! I never knew hoarding was a mental illness!

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