On who I am right now


I am …

…. hot, so hot! Like temperature hot! We’re getting baked here on the West Coast. It’s been 100+ºF here for I don’t know how many consecutive days now (at least 6) and I know, I know, my friends in Germany are still waiting (more or less) patiently for summer to kick in, but seriously, I am already over summer. I like it warm, but this is too hot. Also, just as a reminder, we have wildfires around these parts and those scorching temperatures are not helping. Just sayin’.

… really happy how my Mom’s Schwarzbrot (whole grain bread) that I baked last weekend turned out. I seriously don’t know why I didn’t try to bake it sooner. Actually I do know why, because you can’t buy cracked rye in any of the supermarkets around here. I checked every single one, but I found a way around it. Anyway, it’s been pretty much my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last few days. (Recipe to come.)

… completely in love with my mason jar drinking glass. Could drinking iced water be any more exciting than out of a mason jar glass? I didn’t think so.

… currently reading “How to eat a cupcake” by Meg Donohue. It’s an easy read, but I really like the book so far.

… re-watching season 1 of ‘The Newsroom” because season 2 starts in T-minus 11 days. If you haven’t watched the first season, I highly recommend it. It’s only 10 episodes – you can totally catch up before season 2 starts. Also, if you want to live-tweet the show with me, I am so in!

… really delighted about a sweet email from a secret reader of my blog. I always love to find out who is reading and I love it even more when they reach out. It makes me totally giddy  to know that people care about the ramblings on my little blog. This reader even called me “inspiring” and that is one of the sweetest compliment one could ever get. So I want to say ‘thank you’. This means so much to me.

… working on a little craft project for a friend and really excited about it. I hope I can share it when it’s finished.

… pretty sad that Google Reader is no more. I really liked it and have not completely adapted to any of the other reader options out there. The verdict is still out, but I’ll be going with Feedly for now. Which reader do you like best? Any recommendations?

… completely surprised by my newly found love for Almond Butter. You need to know that I don’t like Peanut Butter (I didn’t grow up with it, so the taste has always been a bit strong for me) and while I am kinda-but-not-really warming up to Peanut Butter, Almond Butter has been an instant favorite! I couldn’t believe how much I like it.

  1. We need to live closer, because you are basically my soul sister. I completely agree with your sentiments about heat, to a tee; and I adore the plus at the end about wildfires so your complaints sound more legit, haha. I WANT THAT SCHWARZBROT RECIPE! Nommmms! I was at a cool bar the other day with my husband and they had mason jar lamps and we talked about how some people just buy mason jars in lieu of glasses and now you just told me you are one of the cool kids and I want to get together with you and drink cool stuff out of mason jars while beating the heat and discussing recipes.

    I never used google reader, but when I log into blogger, under my list of blogs it shows updates from those I follow… so gfc still works. So I just use that, as I always have. And there is an option to add blogs that aren’t blogger. So I’m covered.

    I need to try almond butter.

  2. True story, today it’s raining again and it’s rather cold, so I totally wait for summer to kick in for good. But I really can relate to you – it’s no fun when it’s too hot to enjoy anything and if it gets dangerous, well – no one needs that in his/her life!

    Never tasted Almond Butter before, and also, I’ve never heard of “The Newsroom”, either. Gonna check it out both. :)

    Have a happy rest of the week, friend. xo.

  3. You are inspiring. And I’m sad about Google Reader too.

  4. That is crazy that it’s been so hot there lately! It hasnt’ been too hot here, which is not normal for these parts I guess. It has been very humid and overcast, and it’s rained every day this week, though. Not my favorite weather but hopefully it clears off soon.

    Enjoy your long weekend, friend! And I am missing reader, too. I am using Feedly but I don’t love it…

  5. I agree. Mason Jars make AWESOME glasses! I have never tried Almond Butter….but then again, I love PB. Any good?

  6. Liebe San, ich bin ein secret reader! I
    Vermutlich meins du nicht mich aber ich kann dir ja trotzdem einen kleinen Kommentar hier lassen. :-)
    Ich lese deinen Blog richtig gerne. Ich mag es wie du dein Leben in den USA beschreibst. Frag mich nicht mehr wie ich hier gelandet bin, ich weiß es nicht mehr. Wahrscheinlich wieder mal beim goggeln übers Auswandern. ;-)
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen, sonnigen und nicht zu heissen Tag! In Köln werden wir dieses We auch mal schönes Wetter bekommen.
    Lg aus Köln sendet dir Tanja :-)

  7. I thought I would be sad about Google Reader going away, but I haven’t been so far. I’m happier with Feedly than I was with Google Reader. I also just read a review from some tech head that likes NewsBlur even more than Feedly … but, there’s a wait if you sign up for a free account, so I have no way to compare the two myself.

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