Girl time


I went to see my friend Susi in the Bay Area this weekend. I spent the day with her and her little family. It was warm enough to hang out in the backyard for a while. Her two kids were playing and we chatted away. Both Susi and I have lived in the US for a quite a while now and even though we talk German to each other – of course – it definitely sounds more like Denglisch. It’s kind of funny because we regularly crack up about the sentences and word combinations that come out of our mouths. Sometimes it’s just easier to use an English word, because there is no (or at least no easy) translation for it, so why bother describing it in German when we can just say it in English, right? Right.

I also got a lot of necessary errands out of my way: our car needed an oil change, I went to the gym (twice!), I did our weekly grocery shopping, we cleaned the apartment and I got our taxes done on Sunday. Hooray!  While I love productive weekends, I really do!, and the girl time was definitely needed, I’m always a little disappointed when Sunday night comes around and I haven’t been able to  do more of the things I really wanted to do (like work on my blog, read my book, and craft some cards). Oh well, the next weekend is almost around the corner again.


Other good things this last weekend:

sending out birthday mail ♥ fresh bread ♥ phone calls with family  ♥ lots of coffee ♥ a new mug (from Susi!) ♥ Real Time with Bill Maher ♥ pizza ♥ comedy night ♥  the new Rolling Stone ♥ a little bit of blog reading ♥

  1. Girl time is the best, isn’t it? This year, I’ve made it a point to focus on girlfriends and it’s pretty special to be able to steal away a few hours with them without Sweets or Gavin. Just last week, I went out to dinner with a couple girlfriends one night and then went on a big mama’s night out with about 20 daycare moms on Friday night. Though, I always walk away from weeks like that wishing I had more time to spend with Sweets. We can’t have everything, can we?!?

  2. Being bi or tri lingual has the benefit of increasing the amount of things you can say in the fewest words possible. ;) Wish I retained what I’ve learned over the years, but alas – I sound like a bumbling idiot in all languages.

    Weren’t we doing brunch soon? :)

  3. Awww…girl time is the BEST! Also getting errands done feels so satisfying! I am glad you had a good weekend!

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