Weekendtrip to Placerville

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J and I decided to take a little road trip up the Foothills on Saturday to explore Placerville.

Placerville is a Gold Rush city and it was “[…] formerly known as Dry Diggin’s after the manner in which the miners moved cartloads of dry soil to running water to separate the gold from the soil. Later in 1849, the town earned its most common historical name, “Hangtown”, because of the numerous hangings that had occurred there.”¹

The name was changed to Placerville in 1854, after people had begun to request that a more friendly name be bestowed upon the town. […] Placerville was a central hub for the Mother Lode region’s mining operations. The town had many services, including transportation (of people and goods), lodging, banking, and had a market and general store. The history of hard-rock mining is evidenced by an open and accessible Gold Bug Park & Mine, now a museum with tours and books.”¹

Picnik collage

I have to admit that we didn’t tour the museum or the mine. Maybe next time. But we did have a great late breakfast and walked up and down Main Street, which has a lot of cool old buildings and another historical landmark, the Bell Tower, which is a monument for the city’s volunteer firemen.


Other good things this weekend:

coffee and cake ♥ 2-hour naps ♥ a stop at Michaels ♥ sleeping in ♥ couch-snuggling ♥ movie night ♥ wine and cheese ♥ reading ♥ phone-calls with my sister and a friend ♥ pajamas ♥ finally some more rain

How was your weekend, peeps?


¹ Wikipedia

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve seen what your husband looks like!

    Placerville is a much better name than Hangtown, I must say. lol. It looks like such a historical old town. Love the photos!

    1. Stephany, I was thinking the same thing! haha

  2. Sounds like a very sweet weekend!! Really love your pictures. I think random trips to nearby cities are always a lot of fun and add a little bit of spontaneity to every day life. I miss trips like that and hope that my 2012 includes more of them!

  3. Sounds like a really good weekend…I specially love the wine and cheese part….

  4. aww, it looks like a nice weekend trip and the food looks delish! yum. wish i could have gone with you!!! *hugs*

  5. Sending this from my KindleFire. My finger is sore! Lol
    Glad your weekend was nice.So was ours

  6. oh wow, looks like such a nice weekend

  7. Weekend road trips are the best! Your photos are beautiful. The lighting is amazing. Nice work! :)

    This post reminds me of all of those gold mining shows that are on TV now. Aaron is obsessed with them! It’s an interesting thing to learn about. It’s crazy that they’re still able to mine for so much gold in the United States!

  8. Hey, first time to see a pic of your hubby aside from the wedding pictures you posted a long time ago…nice

    looks like fun and the food looks yummy, I wish we had the time and were organized enough to go on weekend trips with the family, but with two kids it is usually more “relaxed” to stay home. :)

  9. Have you posted photos of J before? Because I think this is the first time I’ve seen him! And funny enough, I kept looking at photos of your cousin this summer wondering who he was. I didn’t think he was old enough to be J, but I also never recalled you saying you had a brother. So, it took until the end of your summer recaps to figure out he is a cousin!

    Love the photos of that gold rush town. Looks like a mill town, for sure!

  10. How fun – looks like a wonderful road trip and your breakfast looks amazing! xxx

  11. What a cool looking town!! Ohh man, your breakfast looks so delicious!! Haha.

  12. That looks like so much fun!

  13. what a fun weekend trip, i love it!

    also, i really want breakfast now, it looks so tasty!

  14. Mm, that food looks delicious! I’ve never heard of placervile. It’s cool that they figured out to run the soil through water to get the gold, though these days that would just seem like common sense. That hanging guy is kinda creepy though…

  15. I love Placerville! Also if you go up highway 49, you can get to some wineries near there and much great scenery! Your breakfast looks yum!

  16. What a great place to visit. I think we need to take more day trips to get to know the area better (at least I don’t know it as well). The food looks great too :)

  17. Aww – your husband is adorable! I think that might be the first time I’ve seen what he looks like.

    Also, I think eating good food in a new place is just as good as touring a museum, sometimes. I like to explore with belly, I guess.

  18. Hubs is such a stud! That food looks fantastic!

  19. What fabulous pictures! Looks like you guys had an awesome trip! =)
    Alesha <3

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