President’s Day Weekend



J and I had our first full weekend at our apartment together in 2013. I know, we’re half-way through the month of February, how is this possible? Well, how should I put this… J and I were “on the road plane” a lot during the first few weeks of this new year. It was nice to finally get back into our weekend routine, do our laundry together, make our meal plan, do the grocery shopping and watch “Real Time” on Friday night and a good movie on Saturday (if you haven’t watched “Dream House”, I highly recommend it. Daniel Craig is not just brilliant as James Bond!).

I did a little retail therapy on Saturday morning, we went out for Thai food in the evening and I found some time to read (and nap) on Sunday afternoon. And then, to make this weekend really great, I realized on Sunday night that the weekend was not yet over – hooray. I love having holidays off. We slept in yesterday morning, went out for coffee and a nice walk in the afternoon and enjoyed our extra-day off.
It was nice to just be home and relax for the first time in what it feels like a very long time.

Other good things this weekend:

lots of coffee ♥ sleeping in ♥ yummy zucchini-turkey burgers ♥ Skype-date with my family ♥ fresh sheets ♥ German candy ♥ movie night ♥ shoe compliments ♥ a little star-stud ♥ sunshine ♥ writing ♥ chillaxing ♥


How was your (long?) weekend, peeps?

  1. This sounds like a really great weekend, indeed. :) I wouldn’t mind to have a weekend like this soon, too. But I have to finish three papers and it doesn’t flow this time, so I have to work a lot and hard… :/

    Have a great week. xo.

  2. Cooooooooold! And Wiiiiiiiiindy!!! But we survived. I had a great time cooking dinner meals all weekend and everything came out pretty well. Always like when that happens! Get my stitches out today! Yay!

  3. Don’t you love being able to spend the weekends with your husband? Chris and I barely see each other throughout the week, so we cherish our weekends together. Last weekend, we visited Monterey and it was awesome!

  4. I watched DREAMHOUSE and I liked it too!

  5. Sounds lovely! Hooray! :) I get the whole week off… from BOTH jobs… which is a miracle… *savoring all the time*

  6. The weekend was great. I needed that extra day!

  7. We did a lot of healing over this long weekend, but I was thankful we had the extra day on our side. Though, it sure does make getting back to work on Tuesday a bit of a drag!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful long weekend! I am glad you guys got a chance to have a quiet weekend in together. That is crazy that it’s your first weekend together in your house this year!

    My weekend was good, but it was really busy… I had fun things like a dinner party and an afternoon with my nephew, but i studied a lot of hours and felt very rushed as I moved from one task to the next… which is how I felt the previous weekend, and now this coming weekend I will be in Charlotte looking for an apt which is clearly not going to be a laid back weekend either… So yah. I just want to flash forward to June when things are quieter….

  9. I was supposed to work on President’s Day but got a call just before leaving that the event I was going to cover was cancelled so the day felt extra luxurious and special. I tried not to do too much and spent most of the day on the couch, just resting and catching up which was exactly what I needed.

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