3: Oh Sandy.

I’ve always been sensitive when it comes to bad news on TV and it seems like there is always more bad than good news these days. Last week, I was pretty much glued to the TV every waking hour to follow the coverage of hurricane Sandy. To be honest, I don’t even quite know where to start with this whole Sandy business. I have a lot of thoughts (that are mostly so unorganized at this point, that I won’t really go into them).

I am sitting here on the West Coast in my cozy apartment, it’s nearly 80’s degrees outside (in November!, which means I don’t have to use the heater quite yet) and the TV is running in the background. I am enjoying a nice cup of afternoon tea and am typing away on my laptop, which is plugged into the wall outlet. While I don’t want to take those amenities for granted, I cannot really imagine what it would be like to not have them.

This last week, numerous of my friends on the East Coast have gone without power, heat, Internet or cell phone service. I was worried on Monday night hoping that the storm wasn’t going to be too bad and that I’d be able to hear from them the next morning, letting me know that the worst didn’t happen.
I am really, really relieved to know that all my friends are physically ok. They all have a roof over their heads (or are staying with friends and family for the time being, because their homes still don’t have power). As far as I know, none of my friends were directly impacted by flooding. However, they all have definitely gotten a feel for what it’s like to be robbed of all the amenities that we do take for granted every day and they’ve definitely met fave to face with the scary forces of mother nature.

I feel a little helpless over here, not really being able to  do anything for my friends directly. During previous disasters, when I actually didn’t know any people personally that were affected by weather events, I have gotten into the habit of donating to the American Red Cross. I do believe that in a situation like this, people need to come together and help and if you are not in the vicinity and can provide a place to sleep, the least we can do is donate to the organizations that put people on the ground. Instead of donating canned food and blankets, it’s much easier for you and logistically easier for the organizations if you just donate a few bucks, so that the organizations can buy what is needed. You can give however much you can afford. It’s as easy as picking up the phone (1-800-HELP-NOW) or  sending a text message (REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 through your phone provider).

Seeing the local officials and the government and FEMA work together in this time of crisis was a refreshing sight in the wake of hurricane Sandy. Without wanting to get too political here, I do want to mention that this last week climate change has undoubtedly injected itself into the political discussion so closely before the national election; a topic that had been purposefully avoided during the course of the campaigns. I wonder how many people will consider this important topic in their decision on who to vote for come Tuesday.

  1. I am so saddened by what happened in New York. This is probably the first natural disaster where I knew a decent number of people who live in the area and were impacted, which makes it hit home a bit more…

  2. I’m so glad you posted this and that you’re actually aware of how bad it’s been. A lot of people have told me their friends/family in other countries, even in other states, don’t even know it happened or how terrible the effects are. Thank you so much for bringing awareness, it’s much appreciated.

  3. I was stuck in New York for Hurricane Irene and it’s so sad to see the devastation from Sandy, knowing it could have easily have been happening to us. I wish climate change were a bigger part of the discussion, too. I know I will be thinking about it on Tuesday.

  4. I also donated to the Red Cross last week. Just today, I found out that good friends of a friend of mine lost their home. She’s going to send me ways that others can help (likely gift cards) and I plan to spread the word. While I’m happy to help the big organizations that help the masses, it also feels good to know my dollars are going to directly impact a family in need.

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