Things you didn’t know about me…

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I am an eternal optimist.
I think too much.
I know that I am way too sensitive sometimes.
I have
a lot of patience.
I wish I wouldn’t always take things so personally.
I hate feeling ignored.
I miss my sister.
I fear I can never live up to my own expectations.
I hear a phone ring.
I smell fresh coffee.
I crave crepe with cinnamon apple.
I search for meaning in everything.
I wonder when I will figure out this thing called life.
I regret having missed some important events back home.
I love doing things with my hands!
I ache after doing crunches.
I am not really into swimming.
I believe every person deserves happiness.
I dance when I am happy.
I sing in the car.
I cry way too easily.
I fight the urge to hit the snooze button every morning.
I win with my family .
I lose my temper very rarely.
I never touched a cigarette in my life.
I always see the glass half full.
I confuse people sometimes.
I listen to podcasts when I work out.
I can usually be found blogging, reading or crafting.
I am scared of the dark.
I need hugs!
I am happy about things looking up!
I imagine a world that is peaceful and knows no suffering.


Tell me something about YOU that I didn’t know!

  1. I hit the snooze button 3 times every single morning. I intentionally set my alarm so that I have time to do that! Something about me most people don’t know? I grew up on the coast but never ate fish until I moved to the prairies!

  2. I also fear that I cannot live up to my own expectations. We are our own worst critics sometimes.

  3. Most of these fit me so well.

    Hm… something that you didn’t know. I can get lost for hours in a good book!

  4. We are so similar! A ton of these totally apply to me too. Great post!

  5. I cuss like there’s no tomorrow….and it’s not something I’m proud of confessing. :-/ haha.

  6. Great list! When I read the first five lines I thought I was reading about myself, hah!

    Something about me… hmm… I’m the happiest when I’m outside. It doesn’t matter where, or when, but fresh air and nature bring out the best in me!

    Happy Wednesday, friend!

  7. I have found a way to NOT ever hit the snooze button, yet get the same effect… I set my phone to have 4 alarms! Ha. That way I just put the alarm off, and like ten minutes later a new one goes off. I put that one off, and then ten minutes later the third alarm goes off ;) I never hit snooze!

  8. Love the post!
    We have quite a bit in common.

    Hm, a fact about me, I hate going into discos or big clubs.

  9. Love the post!
    We have quite a bit in common.

    Hm, a fact about me, I hate going into discos or big clubs.

  10. a lot of them sound like they could also apply to me…

    and a fact about me? I put a lot of vanilla, mocha and cinnamon on top of my “tall, lowfat latte” at Starbucks (instead of just buying a vanilla latte or cafe mocha). I know it’s weird… :)

  11. I’m scared of the dark too. It’s one of the main reasons why I could never be a police officer.

  12. Ooo, I might have to steal this post idea from you! I learned alot! I think we have alot in common. I, too, am very hard on myself, take things very personally, and cry easily. But I am not patient!

  13. I love this post and I think I have to copy it…hope you don’t mind!
    Have a wonderful birthday weekend in San Fransisco!! xxx

  14. I also hate the dark.
    I married my high school sweetheart and I was with him for 12 years.
    Next month Hubby and I will be married for 24 years.
    So, I’ve spent a lot of time being married.

  15. Wow! that the first word that comes to my mind. Because we have a lot in common. Thanks for the post and i’m looking forward to read more from you.

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