Ask San Anything Vol. 4


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Remember “Ask San Anything”? During NaBloPoMo, I asked you to submit any questions you might have for me, and then others jumped on the bandwagon and it became a whole thing where people set up Google Forms to collect random questions from their readers. Well, I realized, I had quite a few lingering questions and I don’t want you to think I forgot about them. Besides, these posts are always fun to write and I always love learning more random facts about my blog friends through these posts.

Without further ado, more of my reader’s questions!

From Suzanne: Do you have any book genres you refuse to read?

I generally would love to be able to say that I don’t discriminate when it comes to book genres, but in reality, I kinda do. I don’t read horror and (most) Sci-Fi novels, I also usually don’t read thrillers (although I am not completely refusing to read those, I’ll just always pick other books over thrillers). My go-to genres are historical and contemporary fiction and non-fiction.

Also from Suzanne: Has your hairstyle always been the same? If you were to go to a hairstylist and ask them to do something totally wild and uncharacteristic, what would your new hairstyle look like?

Ha. Yes. Can you tell I am not very adventurous with my hair? My hairstyle has pretty much always been the same – well, at least ever since I had a say in it. Growing up, my parents gave me a short cut TWICE – once right before I entered first grade and the second time when I entered 6th grade – and I hated it. I just didn’t feel like myself with “short hair”. I grew it out afterward and besides some variations in length with a couple of phases where I had (side) bangs and a bit of (reddish) coloring, I have always kept my hair the same (below shoulder length). I am a bit “afraid” of trying something different and then not feeling like “me”, but I have occasionally contemplated if I could pull off a shorter chin-length bob.

From Elisabeth: If you had to give a couple about to get married (or enter into a long-term relationship) one piece of relational advice, what would it be?

I think my biggest piece of advice would be: don’t try to change your partner. You have to accept them for who they are and let them be themselves, or it’ll not work long-term. People will change over time and the person you meet/marry might not stay exactly the same, but neither will you. Hopefully, you’ll grow together, but this can only happen if you keep respecting and accepting each other for the people that you are. 

Of course, partners will compromise and make requests of each other all the time, and this kind of negotiating is part of being in a functioning relationship. But you can’t fundamentally change who your partner is and if you accept this going into a relationship, there won’t be any “surprises” later on. 

Also from Elisabeth: If you had to recommend a single item/product, what would it be? I’m curious if it would be a Peloton bike.

Ha. Well, I’d definitely recommend and carry on about the Peloton to ANYONE who wants to listen, but I recognize that it’s not an item that everybody would appreciate or love as much as I do. 

If I had to recommend a single ( and totally random) product right now, I’d be choosing one that I am currently obsessed with: this apple slicer. I’ve been on an apple with almond butter kick (for snacks) and I love how this apple slicer cores and cuts the apple in not just 8, but 16 thin and even wedges in one swoop. It’s so easy to use.  

From Stephany: Who are your favorite Peloton instructors?

Oh, this is a really difficult question. I think it would be easier to point out the ones I don’t care for that much (and don’t seek out classes with). I think pretty much all of the instructors are phenomenal and I do go through phases with who I like best at any particular moment. I can only give you a snapshot of my current favorites list (I’ll pick two). 

For cycling:

For running:

  • Becs Gentry (love her coaching and expertise)
  • Susie Chan (she started running later in life, like me, and it’s so inspiring)

For strength:

  • Adrian Williams (his classes are challenging, but he’s funny and easy on the eye)
  • Jess Sims (she’s a great coach, I like her energy)

For yoga:

From Tanja: What’s one thing people do or say that annoys you?

I find it very annoying in personal or professional interactions, when people don’t fully read my messages (email or text), don’t respond to my questions, and/or later claim they didn’t know about something that I clearly communicated in my message. Distraction seems to be a HUGE problem these days and clear communication in general seems to be hard. I am sure I am not perfect either, but I do try to address everything that someone brings up in an email/text and try really hard to communicate things clearly. 

You can submit more questions here.

  1. You can never go wrong with long hair and a side part. I’ve never had super short hair, and I wish I would have tried it just once. Yes obviously I could cut it now, but it probably wouldn’t be the most flattering look.

    Solid advice – do not stay in a relationship with anyone who you want to change.

    Sigh sometimes I feel like the only purpose of my work emails is so that I can easily pull up the information when the other person plays the “I’ve never heard of this before” card.

    1. Oh, I am sorry you have the same experience at work – but yeah, that’s also the reason I often put stuff in writing. So I have proof (*shrugs*).

  2. i fully agree the marriage/partner advise, i learned it the hard way. I had tried to change my husband but failed terribly and compromised our relationships. now, 9 years later, we are in a much better place than when we married, mostly because i stopped hopping to change him. I now play an advisory role and fine if no advise is taken. at the end, it’s his life choices as long as it doesn’t hurt me, he has the liberty how to live his life. One main issue of our dispute is that he is attached to his phone, and often will look at phones when talking to me, or while we are on vacation. it used to drive me nuts. it still does bother me, but now I simply stop talking or leave him when i don’t like it. he kind of notices and will gently put away after few minutes (not right away because that would mean he’s following my cue). if he doesn’t, i’ll be feeling bad for few minutes, and move on.
    i have similar taste like you on reading. what’s your favorite non-fictions?

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to “accept” certain personality traits, but nobody is flawless so we all have to do it in relationships. I am glad you’re finding a way to work with your husband’s flaws ;)

  3. This is such a fun blog post! A sure fire way to find out what your readers want to read about!
    I absouletly love Bradley Rose’s rides too, so we are very much on the same page! Also loved your thoughts on marriage.

    1. So happy to hear someone else appreciates Bradley’s humor :)

  4. I 110% agree with your comment about work emails. I feel like people are distracted, they skim, they don’t care, don’t read etc. and it is frustrating when you have taken the time to clearly lay something out. I often will send out a “tutorial” to myself after learning something so that the next time I can go back and use it as a guide, and I started copying coworkers in case it would be helpful to them, but I often get them asking how to do something that I have clearly stated…I try not to be rude, but I have to just tell them to read their email and then come back to me with questions once they have tried it.

    The other thing that annoys me is people who don’t follow through with things. Don’t say yes if you don’t mean it or have no intention of doing it! Just say, let me think about it or maybe or even NO! I can handle no; I cannot handle yes and then flake.

    1. Ugh, I am sorry that you have the same experience regarding work email. It’s so frustrating that people don’t take the time to read. Is it an attention span thing?

      I also agree with you that it’s super-annoying when people don’t follow through with things. I also rather hear a no than a yes and then flake.

  5. I LOVE AMA posts. I’m so excited to do more of these myself come NaBloPoMo.

    I need an apple slicer. I had one years ago but it was terrible, but it would be so helpful now with kids and snack prep.

    I am with you on the e-mail skimmers. In our first startup, we had an employee years ago who would read an e-mail and only ever answer the first few questions. We literally had to sit him down and say you need to respond to numbered questions with numbered answers. Even if the answer is: I don’t know. It was a tough conversation to have as an employer, but he changed his behaviour overnight. It was so detrimental to his work and our productivity to have him not read the whole e-mail or leave questions unanswered. Definitely a pet peeve of mine!!!

    And great relationship advice!!

    1. Good for you for setting that employee down and changing his behavior about emails. How hard is it to address all the questions methodically?

  6. Oooh this is fun! I also don’t read sci-fi or horror. Anything dystopian or fantasy is a no-go for me. I have also had short hair and it’s just not me at all. I love my Peloton, as you know. We don’t have a lot of overlap for instructors that we love but Bradley Rose is very fun. I love how he just laughs through class! My number one favourite is Leanne Hainsby.

  7. My mom LOVED short hair so I had short hair until I graduated from HS and had more control over my hair. It was a bit longer in my HS years but still on the shorter side. Now my hair is completely different. I HATED short hair and often got mistaken for a boy in my elementary school years which was mortifying for me!

  8. Thanks for answering my questions! I’m the same way about my hair that you are, right down to wondering once in a while if I would look good with a chin length bob. I have never been brave enough to find out!

  9. I love these questions! Email skimmers. The bane of my existence. I save nearly every email I send and receive, except for the ones that say “thank you!” and nothing else. :) And I run into the same thing you do – “I’ve never heard of that!” Um, yes, you have. I told you about it. Sigh.
    The hair thing is super-interesting. I have had hair of many lengths in my adult life… from pixie (poorly done so not flattering) to below my shoulders. Right now it’s a very very short bob and I’m seriously considering going shorter. I literally do nothing with it, and it’s so thin that I’d prefer to have less length!

  10. That hair question surely is. an interesting one. I would’ve guess you. had this style for sometime. But then I do follow for some time.
    I love you marriage advice. So true.

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