Things I Love Thursday


This week I am loving…

… all of my 126 followers. WHAT? How did this happen?  Amazing! Some of you have never commented, so feel free to pop in and say “Hi”. But regardless if you do, thanks so much for visiting my littler corner of the blogosphere!

… hot tea with lemon and honey.

… apple pie a la mode for Valentine’s Day (which was really the extent of our celebration!), because apple pie is my absolute FAVORITE!

… that J watched the re-run (?) of “Virgin Diaries” with me on TLC. All I can say is O.M.G. – where did they find these people?

… great email conversations with far away friends. I am so blessed to have such awesome people in my life!

… surprise letters in my mailbox!

… a Vera Bradley purse I snatched up on Ebay! It’s so pretty!

… Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO. I just love this show and can’t wait for Friday nights to come around.

… a good hair day!

… my productivity at work. I am sure you know days where you feel like you’re working your butt off but accomplished nothing. This week has been the opposite and it makes me feel so happy!

Erin’s mug swap. Did you sign up? If not, you’re clearly missing out!

… the upcoming 4-day weekend! Weeee!



What are you loving this week?

  1. iam definitely loving the upcoming 4-day weekend ;) have a great one <3
    p.s. i love love love apple pie too

  2. Ah, a 4-day weekend! Awesome! Today was my last day this week and I will have all of next week off! Yay!
    Enjoy, sweetie! xxx

  3. I really need to work for a place that gets more holidays off. We never get 4-day weekends. My next day off isn’t until May. Wah! :)

    I wanted to sign up for the mug swap but I have had really, really bad experiences with the three I have participated in so I’m steering clear of swaps for now.

  4. Yay for new followers! Sounds like there are lots of lovely little things going on in your life. Have a fabulous long weekend! :)

  5. Wait, you get a 4-day weekend? I have to take a vacation day to earn myself a 4-day weekend. Waaaaahhhhh! But, yay for you! =)

    I’m loving that today is my Friday, tomorrow I get to see my family and this weekend will be spent in another city!

  6. Bahahahaha oh man, Virgin Diaries… too hilarious. Seriously, where DID they find them?! And the one girl who is a “born again virgin”… you can totally tell that the one roommate just can’t stand her! She isn’t a “real” virgin, hahaha! Oh man.

    Mmm, apple pie.

    & a mug swap? Oh man. I have to check this out!

  7. I hear you on the good hair day! Those are the best! And apple pie, yes please!

    off to check out the mug swap, I love a good swap :)

  8. Virgin Diaries? Hahaha, I saw the making out session with 1 virgin couple from that show on YouTube. Omg, what a mess!

  9. Enjoy your four day weekend – I wish I would get one as well …. ;(
    Today I love that we organized last piece for the N400 application – it’s almost on it’s way!

  10. Having been down and out with my laptop, I am only now catching up. I’m trying to learn Vista, even through everyone says to go to 7. Who knows. I leave in 2 weeks on vacation, and I really need it!

  11. I participated in Erin’s mug swap, too! I hope my person likes the mug I picked out for her! :)

    I am loving that it’s the weekend and that I got a really good night of sleep last night. I love that I will hopefully get another good night of sleep tonight! And I love that i am trying a new recipe tonight!

  12. I wish I’d learned about the mug swap sooner! Sounds like fun – though I guess I don’t need ANOTHER mug. Haha.

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