Oh, how Pinteresting!


Wednesday do come fast these days…
another week has passed and it’s time to share the pins of the week!

Let’s do it!


Source: madebylex.com via San on Pinterest

Can’t wait for fall weather! Love boots!


Source: marthastewart.com via San on Pinterest

What a neat idea!


Source: ylvaskarp.se via San on Pinterest

Ahm, yes!


Source: leberpr.com via San on Pinterest

Love it! Such a great idea!


Source: hityczykity.pl via San on Pinterest

Some Eye Candy? Yes, please!


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Happy Wednesday and happy pinning!

  1. Now that’s some eye candy! Ah, those were the days!
    Love boots! And those long socks….wonderful!
    That card tree is super gorgeous! Such a sweet idea!
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Hugs xxx

  2. I love that ‘thou shall not…’ one. Lovely pins!

  3. I got to admit those boots look pretty cool.

  4. oh i just love the book holder table, so cute and creative.

  5. I love the book table book! And the thou shall not take shit wall decal. I spend way too much time on pintrest.

  6. those boots are delicious! i’m in the market for a pair but my eyes say “expensive” and my budget says “target.”

  7. I need boot socks. I keep seeing them everywhere and I love them.

    And we do a thanksgiving tree – we take branches, stick them in vase, and then we all take little slips of paper and write what we’re thankful for and then we all read the cards after dinner. It give me warm fuzzies every year.

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