Superbowl Weekend


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Whenever I start a weekend recap with the words “well, we didn’t actually do very much”, it’s usually a weekend that is considered very good in my book. It usually doesn’t mean that I didn’t get anything done, it just means we didn’t have anything planned that involved other people and/or trips somewhere, which can be a good thing. Believe me, I love a good weekend trip like the next person, but I also love just following our usual weekend routine:

• a visit to the laundromat

• getting fresh bread at the bakery

• doing our weekly shopping at Traders Joe’s, the Co-Op and the supermarket

• cleaning the apartment

and then, indulging in all the things that are good and holy:

• reading,

• crocheting,

• watching movies,

• snuggling up on the couch,

• drinking coffee, and

• hanging out with J.

Oh, and this weekend was also Superbowl Weekend.

Do you care about the Superbowl?

I am not judging, just asking.

I know people go nuts about the Superbowl.

I am what I like to call a “passive” Superbowl fan. I don’t care much about football in general and I for sure don’t have a favorite team (I am a Baseball girl all the way! Go Red Sox!), but I love that J enjoys watching the Superbowl and we always make a point to watch it. I guess I love the spirit of it all. I did see the halftime show (Madonna. Meh. Better than the Black Eyed Peas last year, that’s for sure.) and I enjoyed some of the commercials. But besides the fact that J watched the game while I was doing other stuff on my computer, I really had nothing much to do with the Superbowl.
The nice thing about people being glued to their TVs on Superbowl Sunday is that I got to have the park all to myself for a nice hourly walk (ok, ok, to be completely honest, there were some other people out soaking up sunshine and blue skies about an hour before the kick-off. I figure they didn’t really care about the Superbowl either – those people do exist, you know!) and how peacefully quiet our neighborhood was.


Other good things this weekend:

Italian gelato ♥ organizing the pictures from my Germany trip (yes, I am getting there!) ♥ some small bargains at Kohl’s ♥ getting my taxes done (hooray – not yet submitted, though) and expecting a decent refund ♥ a clean apartment ♥ trying a new recipe ♥ tea with honey ♥ new duvet covers ♥ meal planning! ♥ blog reading ♥

How was your weekend, peeps?


  1. I don’t get particularly excited about the Superbowl, either. Just not my thing I guess!

  2. We were invited to Superbowl shenanigans, and I was stoked when I found out no one there actually cared about the game. We talked while it happened in the background, we ate while refs made their calls, we payed attention for the commercials. :) It was good.

  3. What I normally love about the Superbowl? Using it as an excuse to try a new chili recipe. Getting together with friends. Watching great commercials. And watching a good game.

    This year? The commercials were meh – a few good ones, but they mostly sucked. The halftime show was pretty bad. I’ve seen Madonna in concert and she’s WAY better than that. I think the FCC screwed the Superbowl halftime shows forever. But … the game was great (especially if you didn’t really care who won, just wanted a good game). And my chili was awesome. And we hosted our neighbors, whom we adore, so we had a really fabulous time!

  4. I’ve never watched the Super Bowl in my entire life. I don’t like NFL, though I do watch CFL football (Nathan and I have season tickets to the Edmonton Eskimos!). I don’t know why the American version doesn’t interest me … My weekend was pretty low key, since all three of us are suffering from colds :( At least Topher is feeling better :D

  5. I *love* the Superbowl. It is like a holiday for me and my family. I am also a huge NFL football fan. :) My mom and I put together a fun get-together so it’s nice. It’s also the only time I live-tweet and it’s fun interacting with everyone else watching it! (And the commercials! Even though they were pretty lame this year.) But I imagine if you’re not into it, Twitter would have been annoying last night! Hehe.

  6. I was never really into football, just watched because of the live acts and the commercials. We didn’t stay up last night though, we watched the commercials online! xxx

  7. My brother texted me Sunday, asking whether I was going to watch the game on Sat 1. Kick-off here was at midnight, mind you, so I was like: Um, no?!? For some reason, he got really into it over the past couple years but I think also more for the partying around it than the actual game. — But I think it’s getting more popular over here as well because I don’t remember any of the top channels showing the game live before?

    I feel the same about football (and real football, i.e. European :P) as you do… I love the stuff surrounding big games, all the emotion and traditions!

    Oh, and I love hearing about your weekends, they seem like my kind of weekends… Just peaceful and reserved for all your favorite things, heh. :)

  8. It was good right up till the last 15 minutes of the Super Bowl and we lost…then I just plain got pissed off!

  9. I’m the same way about Superbowl. I don’t care about football and wouldn’t watch it but I’d love to go to parties where I can mingle with the ladies while the guys watch the games and watch commercials. Unfortunately because of a busy weekend we didn’t get to go to the party plus Tyler didn’t care for who was playing this year. I love the spirit though! :)

  10. i mean fresh bread and gelato is an automatic win in my book for a good weekend, mmmm.

  11. That’s my favourite kind of weekend too, just nice and relaxing. I don’t care about the super bowl at all, I don’t know any of the teams, but that’s probably because I live in Australia… I do half follow the football here, and I love watching the Grand Final with my boy, we always eat way too much food!

  12. I just like the Superbowl commercials and, like you, I like watching my boyfriend enjoy it :)

  13. Sounds like a great weekend!
    You are a red sox fan?! I’m a Yankees fan to the core… And I used to like you so much… ;)

  14. I’m in it for the commercials, always. I don’t really care about football and have a hard time understanding how some people can get SO excited about it all, but I love the commercials.

  15. I so do not care about the superbowl! At all! I went to a superbowl party for work this year, but I can’t say I watched any of the game or the commercials because I spent the whole time ‘working the room’ as there were a bunch of people there that I hadn’t met. So it was totally like being at work, not at a party!

    I agree that a good weekend is one where you didn’t do too much. I need those from time to time or I get really overwhelmed by life!!

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