Our Easter Weekend

Hi friends, how was your Easter weekend? I hope it was lovely!

I have to be honest with you: if my Mom hadn’t reminded me that it’s Easter weekend, I probably would have completely blanked on it this year. Oops. I blame the fact that neither Good Friday, nor Easter Monday is a federal holiday, so I tend to forget when these holidays come up. I am glad that she reminded me though because I had to get baking for Easter Sunday. We always have sweet yeast bread for Easter (come back for the recipe tomorrow!) and I wasn’t going to skip this year.

Friday I ran my usual errands and then I had an interval training scheduled in the afternoon. The weather was perfect and it was a great 7.5 mile- workout! 


We made a big pot of stew for dinner and watched TV.

Saturday was household chore day, hooray. I worked on our mid-month budget, we did a few loads of laundry and mopped and cleaned the whole house. I mean, who doesn’t like a clean kitchen? I sure do!


J had a haircut appointment in the early evening and we went out for pizza afterward. When we came home,  I prepared the bread dough for the two loaves of bread that I was going to bake in the morning and then I read until after midnight. Oops. Does that ever happen to you, too?

Yesterday was low-key. I slept in, baked sweet Easter bread and a multi-grain bread and talked to my parents on the phone. Everybody had gathered at my sister’s house in the morning for brunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I wish I could have been there.


I have to confess that I skipped my scheduled long run yesterday afternoon. I wish I could say that we had other commitments and that’s why I missed my run, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, we had nowhere else to be yesterday and I simply love days where I don’t have to leave the house. I feel a little bad about it, but a) it was raining non-stop (I know, excuses, excuses!) and b) I didn’t want to drive to the gym. Besides, my current book was calling my name and the couch was way too comfortable. What can I say? I poured myself another cup of coffee and gave in to laziness.

I am planning to make up for it this week though. 

How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything fun? 

  1. The bread looks delicious!

  2. Thanks for your Easter Greetings!
    We had a mini vacation at the Oregon Coast, hunted the Easter Eggs in the dunes and had a nice lunch at a local fish restaurant. Watched some migrating Gray whales, Seals, Sea Lions and checked out the tide pools.

  3. I had no excuse to not leave the house, Sandra – and for Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I didn’t, anyway! It was gorgeous weather, but I just opened the windows, put soccer on the TV, and read blogs for hours. It was awesome.

    Like you, I had a close call for Easter. I almost didn’t get the chocolate bunnies. 9:57 p.m. on Saturday, just under the gun at Target! What’s a holiday without a little excitement?

  4. That bread looks awesome! I admittedly always forget when Easter is coming up, too, for the same reasons that you mentioned; it always seems to sneak up on me! We went to Mike’s aunt & uncle’s house (his parents were out of town) & ate ribs & pistachio cake with them before heading home & just reading for the rest of the night, totally chill.

  5. Awww, your weekend sounds incredible and you deserve a lazy day on the couch every now and then! Curled up with a good book is always the best :) I can’t wait to see your recipe–and hope you have a lovely week, my sweet! PS: your kitchen is adorable! I need to clean and dust and do all the things here, too!

  6. The bread looks amazing! I’m glad you had a lazy day to relax, sometimes those are so needed!

  7. It sounds like you had a great Easter! Mine was good too. Went to church, ate a delicious brunch, and spent time with family.

  8. I love your kitchen and that bread…. OH MY GOODNESS that bread. You’re killing me girl!! No carb girl here.

  9. Your kitchen is so cute! I love it! I really wanted to take a hike on Easter but I ran out of time. Glad you got a good one in!

  10. That bread looks delicious! It sounds like you had a great weekend. :) I also enjoy days where I get to stay in the house all day. And I definitely have days where I stay up past midnight reading. It’s always worth it, even when I’m exhausted the next day! :)

  11. I baked a yeast bread too and that is how I spent my Saturday evening. I don’t care about a ham or anything else, but at our house Easter is not really Easter without our traditional Osterzopf. Other than that, there were too many egg hunts for the kids and now we have enough candy to last us through Halloween, or so it seems…

  12. This sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Ours went from having no days off together to being able to enjoy family time both Saturday and Sunday. Collin was on call on Saturday but never got called in. Hooray! And I was supposed to leave for the East coast Sunday morning but when I found out that our inbrief wasn’t scheduled until Monday afternoon, I changed my flight to a red-eye. I’m so happy that we got to spend Eva’s first Easter together. We went to church and breakfast in the morning and relaxed the rest of the day on Sunday until it was time for me to leave for the airport. Saturday we went on a walk to get coffee and to the playground! So much fun with a little one!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! Our Easter was a bit off this year because we went to a hockey game on Easter Sunday. I missed the big family dinner!

  14. Don’t feel bad about missing the long run – especially since it was raining. I think it’s important to listen to your body and relax when you are feeling drawn to it. It’s not like you are doing that every single weekend so when you feel pulled to relaxing, you should listen IMO! :) Sounds like you had a nice Easter weekend. All the time spent reading sounds great to me! We had a nice Easter weekend, too. We went to my parents on Friday afternoon as Phil and I both had the day off since the financial markets were closed. We picked up Phil’s mom, had dinner w/ my family and then dropped his mom off at her hotel room (no room at my parents for her as all my siblings were home!). Saturday morning we had the wedding shower which was wonderful. Sunday we had Easter dinner and headed home after that. It was great to see all of my siblings and 5 out of 7 of my nieces and nephews (2 went w/ their dad to visit their other side of the family). We definitely got spoiled by my family and came home with a car packed with shower presents!

  15. That sounds like such a lovely Easter weekend! I love days when I don’t have to leave my apartment at all. And it was raining? Even better! :)

    My Easter was great – my whole family went to a local park and had a picnic. We had about 20 or so people, so a great turnout! It was nice to get everyone together.

  16. Sounds like a great weekend! Your kitchen is gorgeous…

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