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  • It’s September. September! How did that happen?
  • Equally awkward: 3,5 months until Christmas!
  • Realizing that things you practically have been doing your whole life are actually not working that great anymore. I guess it’s time to re-assess.
  • Our car throwing yet another fit. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I think I have to take it to the shop. Again.
  • People, who I don’t know, adding me on Google+. Just a FYI: You won’t be able to see any of my updates, because my updates will always be “limited” to the people I know. What’s the point? It’s like MySpace all over again.
  • Not having control over certain things. I never thought I would say that about myself, but I guess I am a little bit of a control freak. If there is a situation I have no control over, it makes me highly uncomfortable.




  • There is a 4-day-weekend lurking just around the corner of this workday!
  • New people who slowly but surely are turning into friends. I just wish they lived closer.
  • I might not have mentioned it in a while, but I ♥ MY iPHONE! It has opened up all these new and easy ways of communicating with my far-away friends – on the go! – and it just makes me smile every time I see a new message pop up :)
  • Sex and the City re-runs on
  • Granola with strawberries and milk. Holy breakfast heaven!
  • The weather! I know the storms on the East Coast are awful, Germany didn’t have a real summer at all, but I am very thankful to say that we had one of the most beautiful, mild summers here in the Central Valley that I’ve ever experienced since I first came here 10 years ago.
  1. One of the worst things about being a control freak is being aware of how stressed you are when you’re not in control! I hate knowing I am upset about something tiny and also realizing how dumb it is to be upset about something that trite. Try to relax, if you can.

    Your strawberry and granola breakfast does indeed sound HEAVENLY!!!

  2. Someone I don’t know just added me on Google+ & commented on my profile picture “CUTE!” Double-you. tee. Eff.

  3. Ah, I’m happy for you that you had a good summer. At least one of us, haha. :)
    Also, SatC reruns can never be wrong, huh? But let’s not talk about how it is already september, puhlease. It freaks me out.


  4. I can’t believe it’s September already! Summer went by so quickly.

  5. control freak, huh. Yeah I know how you feel, don’t ask how I feel if I finally have the change to go out by myself and leave hubby home with the kids…out of my control HAHA
    And all the changes that are happening in my life right now, totally beyond my control, freak me out!

    And you knwo what’s kinda awkward (but I’ll do it anyways) telling you that I think it would be great to be one of your new friends because you sound like an awesome person to be friends with. :)

  6. Hey,
    here is your fellow control freak! :)
    SATC is being broadcasted for a while now on E!
    Every evening, starting at around 6pm I guess! :)

  7. seriously, cars are just stupid sometimes. i hate when they act up or do dumb things, it’s just so inconvenient.

    also, yay long weekends! have a fabulous time.

  8. This four day weekend is definitely going on my Awesome list as well! I can’t wait to leave work today.

    I have so been missing SATC lately! I need to catch some reruns or pop in a DVD soon.

  9. I’m totally freaked out by the people I don’t know who friend me on Google +. They’re all suspect, for sure.

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