Awkward & Awesome


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  • I do not get why somebody would not tell me their birthday when I politely ask. Repeatedly. All I want to be able to do is to wish you a happy birthday. Geez.
  • Having our neighbor (downstairs!) complain about mice in the building and yet, we haven’t caught a single one in the attic (where my landlord put traps). I swear, there are NO mice. Trust me. I know what they sound like and I haven’t heard a thing. I don’t know what she’s hearing downstairs, but it’s not mice. (Also, she’s lived in the building for many months now and I have yet to meet her. Now tell me how that is not awkward.)
  • Sitting in the car for a few minutes in the morning in front of my office building to avoid riding the elevator with someone who works in my building to avoid small talk. I can’t do it before my first cup of coffee. Sorry.


  • The cherry blossom tree outside of our apartment. It’s been quite warm and the tree went from bare to fully blooming within days. So pretty.
  • Turkey Chili dinners. No really. It’s such an easy, quick and healthy dish. It’s not even funny how much I love it right now.
  • Girls’ brunch dates. I went to the “Fox and Goose” with Gina on Saturday and we had a lovely time catching up over delicious food and hot lattes. Brunch FTW! (Let’s do it soon again! Who else wants to join?)
  • New crafting ideas popping into my head. Always love to feel inspired.
  • When you find out that a friend has WhatsApp and all of a sudden there are completely new possibilities to keep in touch. It’s especially awesome when it happens with friends overseas (because that means: texting for free!). Have I mentioned before how much I love my iPhone for that feature alone?
  • Reminiscing with my sister about my great-aunt. I had a somewhat emotional day yesterday (I remembered that I would have normally talked to her on the phone yesterday, because it was my “name’s day” and she never forgot to call me) and when I texted my sister about it, she was able to cheer me up with a few anecdotes from when my great-aunt babysat us when we were little. Memories are precious and awesome!
  • Today is my Friday! Hooray!
  1. I could understand why someone might not want to share what year they were born, but to not share the date is sort of weird and most definitely awkward!

  2. Turkey chili is one of my favorite things to make! Super easy and I always make a ton so I can have it throughout the week for lunch. :) And I’m the type who can have chili any time of the year so it’s always good!

    I *WISH* I could meet up with you and Gina for a brunch date. Darn distances.

  3. I work with many very socially awkward people. I definitely avoid riding in the elevators with them when at all possible! :-)

  4. Yay for brunch dates! Looking forward to the next one. :)

  5. Girls brunch dates are the best! I am slowly working my way through the places in my hood and it’s been great so far!

  6. I work with a guy who won’t share his birthday, either. He actually brings more attention on himself by being weird about it than if he would just say when his birthday is. Sheesh. I told him I get that some people don’t like celebrating birthdays but it sure beats the alternative!

    Awkward is some conversations at work. Awesome is that my promotion came through on Friday! Woo hoo.

  7. Not sharing your birthday when requested? Weird!
    I can’t believe you still have not met the new neighbor. Weird again.

    Turkey chili. Crafty ideas. WhatsApp. ALL awesome is right!


  8. I love Whats App, but unfortunately my friend overseas does not have a smartphone (yet)…unbelievable I think…but at least she reinstalled her Skype after her computer crashed ages ago :)

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