Sorry for being so quiet over here.

I’ve fallen into a bit of a blogging rut over the last couple of weeks after a weekend of traveling and another weekend of dealing with paperwork, taxes, and what not.

I don’t even know where the time went and what I did between sleep, eat and work.

Oh, yes, we’ve been apartment hunting for the last couple of weeks and let me just say, it’s time-consuming and emotionally exhausting. I’ve been hinting at the fact that we have been wanting to move multiple times on this blog and I was really looking forward to the day when we’d actively start looking, but right now, it just stresses me out.

We’ve looked at at least eight or nine places last weekend and it’s  just so exhausting to make appointments, check out places, get your hopes up to just get disappointed a little later. On the other hand, it’s really exciting to look at potential places that we might call our home in the near future!

I am really really ready to move. I set myself a deadline for July, 1st, because my parents are coming in July and I want a new bigger place by then. However, I’d like to move sooner rather than later, if possible by May, 1st or June, 1st at the latest, because after that I am expecting summer-hot temperatures and I honestly don’t want to move furniture and boxes in 90 or 100 degrees weather.

We have two pending rental applications that we’re waiting to hear back on. One place is pretty much ours, if we want it, but I am really hoping to get a positive response from the other place that we applied for. I just loved it and would very much like to live there. I’ll probably tell you more about it once we know if we’ll get it. I am trying not to jinx it. Would you keep your fingers crossed for us, pretty please!?

What have you been up to?

  1. My problem is that I always blog no matter how busy I am offline and that offline stuff that should be taken care of never gets dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner! YOUR way of handling that conflict seems like a much smarter choice! :)

    Apartment hunting can be stressful, so true. I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll get the place you have your eyes on! And of course I cannot wait to see the first pictures this summer… I love moving – although you’re right, it’s only fun when it’s not too hot and when you have great helpers!)

  2. my fingers are TIGHTLY crossed and i love what i’ve seen so far. will call you tonight hoping you can spare a few minutes at work :)

  3. Holding thumbs!!!
    Can’t wait to see pictures from your new place. Love to see how other people live. :-)

  4. Fingers are crossed here! Hope it works out.

  5. Oh my gosh, I know what you’re going through. We just moved (as you know) and even though I am sooooooooooo happy we did it, the whole process was so stressful! From looking to a place, to putting in applications, to trying to work out the dates, moving out of the old place (cleaning it! ugh!) etc. You know how it is! BUT once you finish all the hard work, it will be sooooo worth it! Good luck! <3

  6. My fingers are definitely crossed for you! I can’t wait to hear how the apartment hunt turns out for you.
    I’m sure the whole process is a mega pain; moving is never fun!

  7. Fingers crossed :D I love moving … I see it as the beginning of a whole new adventure!

  8. On my fingers are definitely crossed for you. Time sure seems to drag when all you want is to get into someplace new. I’m trying to find a routine of keeping the house ready for showings (not listed yet, but soon), studying and keeping myself and the pups happy.

  9. Good luck on the apartment.
    I’ve been doing the winter wind down. I skied for the last time on Sunday, and now I need to wash all my gear and put it away for the summer.
    But I am feeling lazy, and not getting a lot done.
    Jack and I are going on Thursday to get our soil and seeds so we can get our garden plants started!

  10. keeping my fingers crossed, moving is a PAIN, we moved last December (and still have some unpacked boxes in the basement), it was NO fun at all, even though we didn’t have the summer problem, we had snow *ugh*

    It took us six months and several disappointing visits to placed that looked so good online but didn’t once you saw them in real life…so I know your pain.

    Good luck!

  11. oh man i know the stress of trying to move and find a place, it’s just so hard! hope it works out though and you guys find somewhere soon!!

  12. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! And definitely missing you <3

  13. Keeping my fingers crossed you get the place you want! And I agree that moving sooner rather than later is always a good idea. We moved into our house in January and while it was cold, at least we didn’t melt in the sun.

  14. I am with everyone else: Keeping my fingers crossed! I am also excited to see what your new place will look like (granted you will post pictures). :)

  15. I remember last year around that time when we started looking for an apartment. I don’t want to go through that EVER again. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed as everyone else does, that you’ll soon find something you like!

  16. My fingers are crossed for you!

    I’m actually one of those people who were stupid enough to move into an apartment in July then we had to move out into our new house again the next year in July. It was so hot that we did most of our packing after midnight and moved out by 10AM just in time before it became way too hot. :)

  17. Good luck San for a positive answer for your preferred place. Fingers and toes are crossed ;))

  18. I have been horribly behind on my Google Reader and just can’t seem to get caught up! Who knew unemployment could be so busy? I am glad that you are doing well and don’t worry, your writing mojo will find you soon.

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