Potted vegetable garden: an update

At the beginning of May, I planted my little (potted) vegetable garden on our balcony. I am a total newbie to gardening, but I thought ‘just the heck with it, I am just giving this thing a try‘.

Veggies Week 1

The first couple of weeks not much happened at all. I was checking the plants every night and I was a little “meh” about the whole thing when I didn’t see much progress. I didn’t really know what I expected (I know that it takes longer to grow plants than just a couple of weeks), but I wanted to see something more than was there. Well, at least the leaves got visibly bigger after the first week! And the basil seeds sprouted!

Week 2

Then, in week 3, two strawberries! You can’t imagine my excitement! The pepper seeds still hadn’t done anything though.


BUT: I guess, I was just a little impatient after all, because this is what our little garden looks like only 4 weeks later.


As you can see, the plants have grown A LOT. (The two plants on the left were added to my little balcony garden last week, mainly because they were already showing blossoms when I bought them which meant, I was going to see faster results. What can I say, I just needed to see that something was happening.)

The pepper seeds sprouted, the basil leaves are growing. I can spot some basil leaves that actually look like basil


The (younger) tomato plant finally has some blossoms.


And the (older) tomato plant is already bearing fruits.


The strawberries developed more blossoms.


And the squash is showing this… which I hope will turn into blossoms/squash soon.


I gotta say: plants in itself are pretty cool, but plants that produce vegetables/fruits?

Just wow.

I mean, of course, I knew how vegetables grow and where they come from, but seeing it happen literally before your own eyes? It just makes you marvel at mother nature all over again.

So far, this little experiment of mine is turning out quite well. My heart is happy.

  1. Your container garden is beautiful! I’ve found that there are few things more satisfying than growing your own food. Enjoy its fruits :)

  2. Your plants look great San! I can’t believe your strawberry and tomato plants are already bearing fruit! Mine are just flowering so far, but I’m hoping they continue to do well! Isn’t it fun to grow your own food?

  3. They look great! I’ve never tried my hand at growing food (well, apart from herbs, and that was a dismal failure!) – I’m still working on keeping flowers alive. I planted window boxes for the second time this year and they’re not looking the greatest … I’m thinking I’ll have to re-plant them by the end of June because they’ll all be dead!

  4. What a cool little project! If I had more room, I’d start an herb garden in my kitchen … because I absolutely loathe buying them in the store when you only need a fraction of what you buy!

  5. They look great! Isn’t it so much fun? We added a few more herbs and tomatoes to our vegetable garden as well! Can’t wait to see tomatoes and strawberries coming! xxx

  6. Your garden is doing great! I can not wait to start mine. I might go buy some plants on Thursday. I feel a bit behind since it’s already June, but oh well! I am going to plant tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, and basil. I think…

  7. Wow, your garden is WAY bigger than mine. You know what is the same though? The joy. I am LOVING life. I mean, The Life that is growing right before my very eyes. I am impatient. Each day I check on everything to see what has happened to it! It’s pretty awesome. I may have to buy a few plants though because some days it seems like things are going so slowly.

  8. Your plants look great!!
    I know what you mean with seeing something is happening. I still dont have my vegetable garden ready, but next year I will be planting myself again.

  9. Your little garden looks great!

    And peppers take forever to sprout, at least mine did.

  10. Awesome! I wish I thought to take photos of my plants every week. I guess I could start doing that now, haha. I cheated though & didn’t start any from seeds. So, go you!

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